Time Travel Broadens the Mind

Speaking of GorT, he did the Czar a really big favor recently. Stuck for a vacation spot, the Czar complained that all the good places really worth taking the kids to were pretty much not all that great anymore.

“Well, you know,” GorT replied, “The advantage of time travel is that you can visit places when they were pretty cool. Or when they become cool.” The Czar asked for an example, and the lengthy robot replied that the Czar should take his boys to 1984.

The Czar agreed, and we spent a wonderful time in the Summer of 1984. The boys appreciated the optimism the country had, and the fact that most people were happy to have paying jobs. Jerkiness was quite low, compared to today, and they thought it was incredible that so many good movies were in theaters right now. And the Czar thought about this, and asked them what things they would tell their young friends about the 1980s. The Czar was surprised they didn’t mention the fashions (good and bad), or the overly feathered haircuts. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Televisions were a lot smaller than you’d expect. Even in a big family room, the biggest television was this boxy little 20-incher.
  • Also, there were only like five channels.
  • They were practically giving gas away.
  • Cars were boxy and square, with a lot of sharp edges and not a lot of crash padding. If you got into an accident, you would probably not do very well.
  • There weren’t as many old people around.
  • Churches are crowded! There were more services on Sunday, too, than today.
  • People seems to really like using maps and seem to give pretty good directions to places. No one uses GPS here.
  • There sure was a lot of different stuff on the radio. A lot of different channels to listen to, even though reception is pretty bad everywhere.
  • Where are the recycling bins?
  • Parking spaces seem a lot wider. Like you could open a car door and not ding the door next to you.

Thanksgiving Cooking

It's easy to roast a turkey!

It’s easy to roast a turkey!

GorT, like most of the rest of the Gormogons, enjoys cooking (meaning: grilling, smoking, and so forth).  Several of us have shared recipes and tips in the past, but to my recollection, we haven’t discussed our choices for Thanksgiving.

Mrs. GorT’s family is big and, in the past, it wasn’t unusual for the Thanksgiving celebration to be between 35 and 40 people – family, in-laws, and close friends.  As the grandkids (our kids) generation has started to grow up, the various individual families at our parents’ level have broken off into individual celebrations.  GorT and Mrs. GorT are hosting again this year (we did so last year) and will be serving about 17 people.  We decided for simplicity sake, that we’re going to do most of the main course.  In the past, people had assignments but reheating and/or cooking them became an issue with the added travel time, cocktail time, etc.  So this year, we doled out a light appetizer, desserts, and wine while keeping the main course to ourselves (minus stuffing and one side dish).

GorT will be roasting a 22# turkey and smoking a smaller turkey breast.  Both will be brined starting tomorrow night.  Brining is a relatively simple task provided you have the refrigerated space (or live in a cold enough climate) to do so.  This year, I think I’m leaning towards an apple, candied ginger, allspice, brown sugar brine.  Both turned out juicy and delicious last year so I’ll be aiming to repeat that this year.  In addition, I’ll likely whip up some herbed butter to put under the turkey skin.  The biggest challenge facing me for this is the timing – knowing when to start bringing the breast to room temperature before smoking and when to start each turkey is tricky to time in order to get them to finish close to each other and at the right time for dinner.

We will be serving some traditional sides: mashed potatoes (although I’m tempted to follow a recipe I saw recently for making them in a crockpot), green beans (the casserole with cream of mushroom soup and French’s onions), stuffing and spinach Madeline (a spicy, cheesy, chopped spinach casserole).  Now, a small contingent enjoys sweet potatoes (there is a push by others for us to ban that name and call them yams….either way is fine with me) on Thanksgiving but we’re not fans of the sweet potato and marshmallow casseroles.  GorT is still researching recipes to try but is leaning towards smoking yam wedges along with the turkey breast.  Desserts will include the traditional apple and pumpkin pies and likely a few others treats.

The best part is having the large group huddled around the tables eating, talking and laughing as many other families do on this day.  It is something for which I’m thankful.

Remember When Data was Factual?

“Settled Science” – if it isn’t a term of ridicule, it should be.  Anyone who claims that with regards to Anthropogenic Global Warming or more broadly, climate change is a fool and likely failed high school level science.

Stay with me here as we walk through the “science” from those favoring human-caused climate change.  We all agree – on both sides of this argument – that the Earth’s climate is a complex system.  So some have argued that models show what will happen to the Earth.  And as they learn more about the system the models get updated and new results are computed.  Fine.  No issue there*.

But what NOAA and others supporting human-caused climate change haven’t told you is that they have also changed the data.  Really.  And it’s all publicly available for you to verify that they did as much.  I could understand some data changing in the far past when we didn’t have accurate temperature readings but the type of data I’m talking about is for specific weather stations with modern temperature sensors.

Here is a case in point:

A station in Siberia (Zyrjanaka) had the following temperature data for the year 1940 reported by NOAA in 2012:

1940 -29.7 -34.8 -22.2 -10.5 2.9 14.6 16.3 11.2 1.0 -11.8 -26.9 -35.5

And here is the same station for the same year (1940) reported by NOAA in 2015:

1940 -31.1 -36.2 -23.6 -11.9 1.5 13.2 14.9  9.8 -0.4  -13.2 -28.3 -36.9

So for some reason between 2012 and 2015, NOAA decided that it was actually 1.4 degrees C cooler in 1940 at that station. Maybe the device wasn’t that accurate so let’s look at a more modern difference. Let’s take the year 2010. Either there should be no change between 2012 and 2015 (because modern temperature sensors are pretty darn good and probably haven’t improved that it would change more than a tenth of a degree in accuracy since 2010) or we should see the same adjustment applied for some unknown reason that NOAA hasn’t explained.

Same station’s data for the year 2010 as reported by NOAA in 2012:

2010 -38.1 -33.7 -24.  -11.4 9.3 14.4 21.5 11.7 3.8  -8.2 -24.9 -32.1

And here is the same station for the same year (1997) report by NOAA in 2015:

2010 -39.0 -34.6 -25.0 -12.3 8.4 13.5 20.6 10.8  2.9   -9.1 -25.8 -33.0

Hmm, now it’s only 0.9 degrees C colder. In fact, if you look at the adjustments made, it is almost a year-by-year specific change that is non-linear and has no coherent reasoning on their page that describes any changes (i.e. stations being moved, etc.).  The differences, if you plot them, look like this:


How “data” can change like this baffles me.  And this is only one station.  Keep in mind, that we only have temperature readings for about 50% of the land mass of the Earth.  Which means we only have temperature readings (with some adjustments that NOAA deems) for about 14.5% of the Earth’s surface.  And the distribution of temperature sensor coverage is not uniform – there are pockets in various climate regions that are largely missing.  Keep in mind, we do have satellite coverage of a greater surface area – this is the data referenced when you hear skeptics refer to the “pause” in warming.

Maybe I can adjust the data on some of my income….I don’t think it was measured accurately.

‘Puter Rants: Liberals Hate You, And They’re Not Keen On America Either

‘Puter’s had it with the effete, gelded liberals currently running the country, whether in the Obama Administration, in the media, or on college campuses. Not content to have destroyed America’s universities, these self-important know nothings have set out to ruin America itself.

Here’s a newsflash, Lefties. America has done nothing – nothing – to justify Islamic terrorists’ attacks on its allies or itself. Islamic terrorists attack America because they’re evil, not because we are.

Despite President Obama’s whiny lectures to the contrary, it is a fact that while not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are Muslims.* It is not a Constitutional violation to focus on Muslims as suspects after terrorism any more than it’s a Constitutional violation to focus on white people when a reported crime is overwhelmingly committed by whites. It’s what’s known to sane Americans as common sense.

Despite the collective pearl clutching of People Who Know Better Than You™, it is rational to make sure Middle Eastern refugees are thoroughly vetted before being admitted to the United States. It is not religious discrimination, or racist, or even mean to do so. It’s what’s known to sane Americans as self-defense.**

Despite the lies of the Black Lives Matter racists, Blacks in this country today are better off in America than in any other country on Earth.*** ‘Puter doesn’t want to hear idiotic claims about how Black on Black slaughter is caused by poverty or America’s “inherent racism.” ‘Puter wants the Black community to take a little darned responsibility for its own plight instead of going full Obama and blaming anyone and everyone else for its self-inflicted damage.

But back to ‘Puter’s main point. There’s a theme running through liberalism’s rampant dipshittery: America is evil.

Well, excuse ‘Puter’s French, but liberals can go eat a bag of d*cks. America is the greatest country in the world despite the concerted efforts of the drug-addled, STD-afflicted, reality denying Boomers and their doppelganger, the coddled Precious Q. Snowflake Millennials to ruin it.

‘Puter’s sick of liberals bashing America. ‘Puter’s even sicker of liberals’ harebrained, big government schemes making life in America worse. Here’s a few things The Smart Liberals™ need to know about America and the regular folks residing therein:

  • We’re fiercely proud of our nation, and we have little patience with those bent on bashing it.
  • We know our country’s made mistakes in the past, and continues to make them today. We’re just done with apologizing for events we had nothing to do with and which ended decades or centuries ago.
  • We know our politics are corrupt, as is our media. We don’t trust any of you, of either party. Not that there’s any conservative Republicans in the media.
  • We’re not racists, anti-this or that. We simply observe events and say, “Boy, that doesn’t seem right. There’s a better way to do that.” This applies equally to welfare, or refugees, or defense, or abortion, or any other government program or societal ill you can name.
  • We’re smart. Really smart. We’re just not necessarily as credentialed as you’d have us be, though lots of us are. How many of you inside the Beltway can drive a tractor? How about break down and clean a rifle? Can you snake out a drain? Can you install a doorbell?
  • We don’t aspire to a life in politics, or to a life sucking up to politicians. We want to live our lives mostly free of overweening government, not in thrall to it. Most Americans are nothing like you, and don’t particularly want to be like you. We don’t understand you, and we find your hubris and lecturing off-putting.
  • We don’t think religion is a punch line. We think the DC-NYC-Boston corridor, Los Angeles, and San Francisco would be a Hell of a lot better places if they had a bit more religion. We don’t even care which religion you pick, despite your thinking we’re all religious bigots.
  • We’re mostly live and let live. We don’t care if a gay couple and their kids move in next door to us so long as they keep up their yard, keep the noise down, and help out when we need a hand. We’ll return the favor, too.
  • We know evil when we see it, and no amount of telling us “not all Muslims” will convince us that Islam and Islamic terrorism are completely and utterly unrelated. The Muslim terrorists themselves admit they’re committing terrorism in the name of Islam because Islam commands them to do so. Don’t lie to us. We hate that.
  • We are aghast at the mess six decades of hippie bullsh*t has made of our universities. We want you to knock that crap off, crack some heads, restore order among the students, and get rid of useless Fill in the Blank studies programs. We don’t give two figs for your made up morality. We expect results, and cost-effective results, from you.

Here’s a final truth for ‘Puter’s deluded liberal friends. Evil exists, and evil will do evil. You cannot reason evil out of being evil. You cannot fix evil people. You have two choices with evil: destroy it or submit to it.

Not coincidentally, the word “Islam” means “submission” in English, and ‘Puter’s beginning to think “liberalism” is a synonym as well.

* If you think white Christian men are the greatest terrorist threat to the world today as some have alleged, you need to go f*ck yourself. You are a colossal moron who likely majored in some branch of Fill in the Blank Studies. Go check your privilege while the grownups fix the mess your fellow travelers have wrought. And after that, f*ck yourself again.

** Maybe ‘Puter ought to reconsider. After all, there’s been no recent incident where a Muslim terrorist entered a country posing as a refugee and slaughtered unarmed citizens going about their daily business.

*** ‘Puter doesn’t want to hear your horsecrap pseudo-philosophical justifications for rioting (e.g., Critical Race Theory, Grave Historical Injustices, We Just Like Rioting Because We’re Unserious Dumbasses, etc.) because Whitey T. Mann admitted you to your university and paid your way. Oh, the horror! Why, you’re practically Jews being marched to Auschwitz! Wait, no. Black Lives Matter asshats would never make that comparison, since they’re pro-Palestinian annihilation of Israel.

From the Ivory Doublewide

From JAB.

Hey there — just wondering if y’all in the Castle are paying attention to the shenanigans going on in some of this nation’s finest institutions of higher education? [Hint- nothing to do with imparting knowledge.]

In brief:

  1. Yale students had a hissy-fit about a Halloween costumes they might find offensive, and then further embarrassed themselves by attempting to stifle an event focused on free speech. One young woman screamed the f-word at a faculty member, seeming not to understand that the word is pretty much universally considered massively offensive. Apparently, Yale students are differently-abled when it comes to recognizing irony.
  2. Vanderbilt students are agitating for a political science professor to be fired because, following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, she wrote an opinion piece critical of radical Islam. Apparently, today’s Vanderbilt students are unable to grasp the meaning of the word “ opinion.” Back when I attended dear, old alma mater, this was not the case.
  3. Meanwhile, at Ithaca, Claremont-McKenna, University of Minnesota, among others, the youths are holding protests and chanting stuff along the lines of: “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Prof-I-Don’t-Like has got to go!”
  4. And then there’s the University of Missouri, where the chancellor & president have both resigned following …the football team’s threat that they wouldn’t play on Saturday.

Actually, that’s an over simplification of the Missouri story, which began after the student body president, who is black, reported that someone shouted a racial slur at him. A black grad student started a hunger strike to draw attention, students camped out in protest and black members of the football team refused to participate in any football activities. And much more.

Shouting a racial slur at anyone is, of course, a completely crass and boorish thing to do, but to my knowledge, no one accused the now-former-president Wolfe of shouting the slur. It seems that students felt he didn’t take the charge seriously enough, and subsequently demanded that he sign a statement confessing his “white male privilege” and then resign. Wolfe apologized and resigned, giving every indication that he was suffering from a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome, meaning he must have felt an affinity with his accusers.

Now, had Your Czarness’ humble correspondent been president of Missou, I would have made the following statement on Monday:

To: Students, Professors and other members of the University

Re: calls for my resignation following a confession of “white male privilege”

Our Student Body President was rightly offended when someone shouted a racial slur at him. This was, of course, a completely crass and boorish thing to do, but neither I nor any other member of the University can prevent a person from saying stupid things. Please understand this—using racial slurs says far more about the speaker than about the person targeted. Sometimes people don’t think about the feelings of others; sometimes they simply open mouth and insert foot.

But I am sad to say that Missou’s administration, like that at most other colleges and universities these days, has indeed contributed to the current atmosphere of anger on campus. We are guilty of leading you all to believe that you have a special right to go through life without experiencing unpleasantness. We meant well, but this was an impossible mirage. We have contributed to this mirage, for example, by instituting “speech codes.” However, today that ends. A university must have freedom of expression and inquiry, otherwise it does nothing to advance its students’ ability to discern good from evil. While threats of violence will be continue to be referred to law enforcement, crass, boorish, impolite, tacky or unpleasant speech will be handled by the individuals present. Therefore, if someone uses language that offends you, speak up. Call them out. Tell them that they’ve offended you, and why. Demand an apology. Be loud and proud. You can do this!!! You’ll feel better, AND you’ll have the satisfaction of handling your own problems. Double Win!

Since we have an exceptionally bright population on campus, I suspect many of you probably skipped kindergarten. Which is a pity, because had you gone to the same kind of kindergarten that I did, you would have learned the following: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. [Lather. Rinse. REPEAT.] And as long as I’m conducting remedial education, by the way, no one, no one at all, likes a tattle tail. It was true in kindergarten, and Missou students, you’ll find it to be true in the workplace. Should you ever get there.

The football team has also made news this week, although sadly not for any exploits on the field or in the classroom. I understand that many members of the football team wished to support the protesters, and that is a noble impulse. They then chose to abstain from all football activities, such as practices and games, despite the fact that Missou has a long-scheduled game this Sat. Where I’m from, we honor our commitments, and so Missou will honor its commitment to all of you football players, even if you choose not to do the same. Your scholarships will be honored through the end of this semester regardless of your actions. I respect the Missou varsity players’ wish to show solidarity with causes about which they feel strongly. But I also know that Missou has an obligation to play a game on Saturday. Therefore, I have instructed the athletics director to ensure that Monday’s practice will also be an open try-out for any and all positions. Should “varsity” players wish to abstain from practice, that is their right. However, I encourage members of the inter-mural and inter-fraternity squads to consider that there might be open positions for spots on the Tigers’ team. By the way, I hear that the Sigma Nu’s have a guy who was a great high school QB. Open try-outs are the ultimate meritocracy, and I think Missou football might benefit in the long run. After all, the current team couldn’t even beat Vandy [JAB’s alma mater!], but pity only goes so far.

Finally, I would like to address my “white male privilege.” I’m “guilty” on all counts. I’m white, I’m male, and have I ever had a privileged life! I’m so lucky, or privileged if you prefer, that it humbles me to think of it. I am grateful that I was born when I was, where I was, and to whom I was. We are all so lucky to live in a place, the USA, where we have liberties and freedoms of which people in other places can only dream. Why do think people risk their lives, leave their homes, and attempt to come here???? Because they would have better possibilities here than in Tegulchigalpa or Guadalahara. Furthermore, we live at a time when diseases that ravaged past generations, such as small pox and polio, are either eradicated or close to it. When we flip a switch, the lights come on. When we want water, we turn a tap rather draw it from a well like my grandparents, or like so many today in other countries. My parents reared me to work hard and strive to succeed, but they never filled my head with the silly notion that I “deserved” anything from the larger world. It is also my privilege to serve as president of the University of Missouri, and I have an obligation to every citizen of this state to use their tax dollars as best I can and to do my best to provide excellent education to ALL those who enroll.

I Remain Sincerely, Your President, Who Won’t Be Resigning

PS: As long as I’m on the subject of remedial education, I will be calling on the faculty Senate to add a graduation requirement for all students. It appears that our students are woefully unaware of the forced-confessions before execution that were a loathsome feature Stalin’s show-trials and the purges of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This needs fix in’ and quick.


gort_mailbagScottO writes in regarding this recent post:

Most Estimable GorTechie,
While reading your post “Convenient Settled Science”, when I got to your question of how the action advocates know the earth isn’t coming out of the last ice age, I thought of a couple more questions, to wit: How do they know the earth isn’t entering a new ice age, and should be trending cooler? More generally, what makes them think the earth’s climate should remain constant just because they’re alive to notice, when it never has been in the past?
Hubris is right. As Rush Limbaugh used to say, it’s exceedingly arrogant to believe that we puny humans could change the earth’s climate in any significant way.
As for the IPCC et al., Matthias Shapiro, who tweets as @politicalmath, posted something at the end of September that I found interesting and entertaining. He posed a situation and asked what we could determine from the facts; he then said the answer “I don’t know” should come from two groups of people–those who are completely ignorant of the IPCC’s report and the science behnd it, and those who know it very well.
Finally, in your suggestion that “we” should curb some emissions, I presume that “we” refers to all humans, including those in nations that already employ central planning, and in this planning do not include environmental concerns.
Kindest regards,
ScottO (@gscottoliver)
I was re-watching a bit of Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson the other day, and in the intro segment of the episode he said that the Earth is currently warming from the last Ice Age.  The question is maybe the warming over the last century is due to natural cyclical changes and not human caused factors.
But yes, when we don’t understand or can’t measure accurately all the factors that contribute to the Earth’s climate, it’s hard to believe that we know that we should take immediate and significant action.
I followed the link through and Matthias Sharpiro poses a great question – it’s worth reading.  And it’s worth using when talking to a climate change action required zealot.
As far as your final question – yes, for any effort to be effective, it needs to be worldwide.  And Kyoto Protocols aren’t going to do it.  But consider that developing countries usually go through periods of increased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as they improve their industrial base.  So is the rest of the world going to dictate to them how to get there?  It’s a complicated problem…and short-sighted solutions won’t get us there.

Time Changes

The Czar has been pretty well out of it lately. Sure, there was a time change—for you, you gain and hour of sleep and the worst that happens is you get hungry an hour earlier. When a Gormogon goes through a time change, he winds up in some bizarre century. And that’s nothing compared to a dimensional stasis change.

So with that, he’s been preoccupied. However, Operative B has contributed a couple of items worth your time:

Your Fearsomeness,

  • It has been speculated that the driver who ran down 3 trick-or-treaters on Halloween in Brooklyn may have had a seizure. The investigation into this tragedy continues and our thoughts are for those who were killed. We don’t notice a rush to blame the car for these deaths.
  • A NYC dermatologist, and mother of 3, died of an overdose of illegal drugs. She was found in a doorway where she apparently died. The investigation into this tragedy continues and our thoughts are for her children. We don’t notice a rush to blame the mother for her actions.
  • Three people were killed in Colorado Springs by someone who “methodologically” fired a gun. When confronted by police, the man was killed. The investigation into this tragedy continues and our thoughts are for those who were killed. We don’t notice a rush to blame the man for these deaths.

Both the car and the gun were legal products and are sold legally in the US. The drugs are illegal in all of the 50 states, And of the three, only one is Constitutionally protected. We can blame the driver for not taking his anti-seizure medication, or the doctor for taking illegal drugs. And we will eventually discover why the man was shooting at people.

There are those who would legalize most illegal drugs under the aegis that legalization would reduce crime, or to at least reduce mandatory sentencing for those who distribute and sell illegal drugs. But statistics show otherwise: where drugs are legalized, crime does not decrease. It does, in fact, increase. Ask Colorado.

There are also those who would make the ownership of guns illegal under the aegis that restricting gun rights would reduce crime. But again, statistics show otherwise: where guns are made illegal, crime does not decrease. It does, in fact, increase. Ask Australia.

Knowing these facts, this lowly one wonders whether society has become insane. Society dismisses the sales and use of illegal drugs even knowing that crime rates will increase and the availability of illegal drugs will not be stymied. Society increases restrictions on legal ownership of guns by law-abiding citizens while knowing that crime rates will increase and people will be unable to defend themselves from attack.

In short, some in today’s society want the illegal to become legal, and the legal to become illegal. The shame of it is that there are politicians, many of whom claim to be democrats, who support this inversion of values. Others in today’s society see this attempt at morality inversion and loudly proclaim its insanity, only to be accused of being vile and horrid human beings. And, just like oil and water, the two philosophies – hedonism vs self-discipline – cannot mix.

With politicians trying to undo hundreds of years of values that have held society together, is it any wonder that society is falling apart?

Yeah, it’s been falling apart a lot longer than that. And while the Czar is tempted to say fortunately other events occur which push things back a little bit, the reality is that these correcting events are often quite catastrophic.

But on the other hand, the so-called Overton Window is really a window: you can go in or out. And conservatives have made monumental strides in waking Americans the hell up. But there’s so much more to go that it’s difficult to see how far we’ve come. Think back to the late-1960s or early-1970s for a sense of how far we’ve come back.

Your… Majesty?

What’s up with what I just saw at the Castle? I was riding by on my 2-cylinder smog-maker and the bridge over the moat was up – and the moat was on fire! Are we roasting misbehaving minions again, or did the Flaming Peacock send over something truly and seriously spicy?

Yeah, I know it’s late in the year and it’s time to rotate the petrofuel, but do you really think it’s such a good thing to just pour the old petrofuel into the moat and light it on fire? Isn’t that dangerous? And doesn’t that piss off the dragon(s)?

I’m partly jealous, I guess. I have some old petrofuel from last winter in a few of those accursed CARB-compliant canisters – the ones with nozzles that are absolutely impossible to operate either with or without gloves. But petrofuel is considered a hazardous compound, so the local lithium-is-no-problem put-your-tires-over-there landfill won’t take it.

Last time, I just poured the contents of those red plastic canisters into my infernal-combustion powered horseless chariot. BIG mistake. The canisters are opaque so I didn’t see the water at the bottom of the canisters. After dumping the canisters into my chariot, the water was pumped directly into my GDI engine. I had to tow the chariot to a 3rd party chariot service center, have it’s gas tank removed, upended, emptied, cleaned out, and reattached. Once burned (pun intended), twice shy: I’m not doing that again, even if someone guarantees that there’s no water in my petrofuel.

I know gasopetrol is too thin to be used just like naptha for the torches in the Castle corridors. But since I saw the flames in the moat… well, wanna burn this too? I only have about 30 gallons..

Operative B

The Czar isn’t the only one dealing negatively with the time change, it seems.

Convenient Settled Science

It’s been a while since GorT went on a climate change rant so I figured I’d fire one up today.  Maybe it’s because I was trolled on twitter with this Mother Jones graphic.  Or because I offered up the following question to a liberal, sky-is-falling-the-end-of-the-world-is-upon-us AGW believer:

Why does the IPCC and NOAA, etc. not account for water vapor in their models for climate change?

The response I got was a blank stare and some mumbling.  Then they said, “well, it’s natural, so it’s fine.”  Let’s consider that for a moment.  How well do you remember your physical or environmental sciences?  The earth’s atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.  The next largest component is water vapor (in varying percentages by region but averages around 2-3% – once it reaches local concentrations around 4% it starts condensing in the air).  Then you start getting into small amounts: Argon (0.9%) and  CO2 is somewhere around 0.038%.There are three, so-called, greenhouse gases: CO2, CH4(Methane*) and H2O (Water Vapor).  So of the 2-3% of the atmosphere that is a greenhouse gas of some sort, around 1.2-2% of that is CO2.  Of that amount, 3.4% is identified as being human-generated, which means 0.0000544% of the greenhouse gases are human-caused  CO2 and 0.00001088% of the atmosphere is human-caused  CO2.  One might think that we should do a little exploration into the effects water vapor has on the climate.  Gases

The problem is, the earth’s climate is an incredibly complex system with too many variables to enumerate.  GorT finds those that are convinced that (a) humans cause global climate change and (b) we should do something about it (largely in the context to reduce  CO2 and ostensibly lower the global temperature) are filled with hubris.  How do they know this?  How do they know that the earth isn’t continuing to come out of the last ice age and we should be trending warmer?

The inconsistencies in the IPCC report (and others) are troubling to anyone trying to make an educated decision about climate change.  I will continue to advocate being a good steward of the earth and yes, we should be curbing various polluting emissions.  But we should do so smartly and with more open and transparent research into the climate and not the political knee-jerk reactions and pandering to fear that so often accompanies these discussions.

…If It Weren’t For Those Meddling Bankers!

Operative B has some good observations here:

Your Majesty,

The latest enemy of both Hillary and Bernie is – the “big banks”. They want to take them down, tear them apart, rid them of profits. And they want to do the same to Wall Street: take it down, tear it apart, rid it of profits.

They both hate capitalism. And their talk proves that neither of these two geniuses understands one simple fact: the money in the “big banks” and Wall Street belongs to… individuals.

The “big banks” have no money of their own. Their earnings are based on the difference between the money that they collect as interest on loans and is paid out as interest on deposits. Wall Street also has no money of its own. Its earnings are based on the estimated value of a company based on performance, profits, and growth.

Yes, Wall Street is more like a casino than a bank: you are betting on whether a company will meet or exceed expectations. But the money still belongs to investors, whether individual or grouped together in a fund.

By wanting to “taking down ‘the banks'”, both Hillary and Bernie want to destroy the life savings and retirement accounts of untold millions of Americans. Once destroyed, those Americans will come to government for assistance… but that’s the plan: make Americans wholly dependent on government, and take away their ability to be independent, free citizens.

But isn’t that what “democratic socialism” is all about?

The Czar thinks you have it right. And this War on the Big Banks is nothing new for Democrats: it’s another page written out of the New Deal playbook. Have Bernie adjust his New England accent a bit, put him and Hillary on a scratchy recording, and you can hear Franklin and Eleanor kvetching about those awful Big Banks, and those evil speculators, and how the middle class needs a break.

Also, your history is good—do you think Franklin Roosevelt would be in favor of personal retirement accounts? Or is this something the government should manage for you?

Once again, the Progressives are trapped in 1932. What astonishes us is how many younger folks seem to be nodding their heads.

Happy Birthday, George Boole

Today marks the 200th birthday of George Boole.


George Boule (1815-1864)

George Boule (1815-1864)

George Boole was an English professor and researcher who, while teaching at Queen’s College in Cork, Ireland (now University College Cork), set forth the underpinnings for what we refer to now as Boolean Logic.  Boolean Logic is the basis for modern electronic circuitry and programming.  Claude Shannon in the 1930s would take the concepts and apply them in circuitry to build the initial binary circuits leading towards computers.

The basic operations are:

The basic operations of Boolean algebra are as follows.

  • And (conjunction), denoted xy (sometimes x AND y or Kxy), satisfies xy = 1 if x = y = 1 and xy = 0 otherwise.
  • Or (disjunction), denoted xy (sometimes x OR y or Axy), satisfies xy = 0 if x = y = 0 and xy = 1 otherwise.
  • Not (negation), denoted ¬x (sometimes NOT x, Nx or !x), satisfies ¬x = 0 if x = 1 and ¬x = 1 if x = 0.

If the truth values 0 and 1 are interpreted as integers, these operations may be expressed with the ordinary operations of arithmetic:

x \wedge y & = x \times y \\
x \vee y & = x + y - (x \times y) \\
\neg x & = 1 - x

Obviously, GorT is well-versed in it and really enjoys boolean algebra to the point that he took a class in it during his undergraduate Computer Science degree program (it was actually taught out of the mathematics department).

For our younger readers out there, it is well worth a look and consideration as it can be applied in many ways and helps in a variety of fields.