Let’s hope the f— not.

Patty-Patty Buke-Buke* sees white ethnonationalism on the rise. Which, over the years, he seems to think the key to preserving the (white?) Republic against the multi-culti left-wing onslaught. This is, of course, insane. However much one may deplore the injustices done to whites in the name of (arguably justified) compensation to blacks and Indians or (idiotically) ethnic grievance-mongering on behalf of, I dunno, Mexicans, Laotians, Gujaratis, Samoans, Incas, Masai, Kalmyks, Albanians, or whoever it is this week, the idea that an emergent, ethnically-defined white identity is anything but the recipe for ongoing and increasingly embittered strife is lunacy.

Buchanan seems to hold the same bizarro caricature of the Tea Party movement as its left-wing detractors, only he approves of it. This is perhaps of a piece with Buchanan’s evolution from a fairly standard-issue Reaganite to a protectionist, ethnic-consciousness, isolationist—that is, a leftist more somewhere to the Mussolini end of the spectrum. Pat’s no fascist, exactly, but he doesn’t seem averse to the use of state power to advance the goals of his ethnos. Which shouldn’t be respectable among Americans of any stripe (though it’s sadly institutionalized on the Left).

* 02:55, though if you skip ahead, more the fool you.