A Travesty in the Making?

I'm telling you, Barry, you need Dr. Phil in the Treasury Dept.On my way home, I was flipping the dial around and, for a few minutes, was listening to Monica Crowley detail a number of the gaffes that the Obama Administration has achieved in the first 50-60 days in office.  I continued to spin the dial and with some good 80’s tunes in the background I thought about the gaffes.  Sure, some of them are minor but I started wondering if a pattern isn’t emerging?  We at a historic moment for the United States, with the election of the first black President but what are the outward signs of President Obama’s administration to date?  

  1. The creation of multiple “czar”doms (no, not the Czar of Muscovy) which have done little but put a face on the news.
  2. Hosted events for Stevie Wonder, the Chicago Bulls, etc.
  3. Going on the Leno Show (first sitting President to do so)
  4. Doing a NCAA Basketball selection sheet on ESPN
  5. Signing funding (one would suppose that he only signs stuff he supports) and then decrying it when the public gets outraged at it
So, doesn’t this appear a little shallow?  It smacks of a Hollywood set – pretty on the surface, but paper-thin when examined closely.  Of course, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for a major news outlet to question why the President has time to go on Jay Leno’s show and do ESPN’s March Madness picks when we are facing the (choose which one of Obama’s terms you want) crisis/catastrophe/Pearl Harbor of the economy.  Previous President’s have been grilled in the press for less.  One might excuse it if his Treasury Department was fully staffed, but at last check, the Secretary of the Treasury was short more than a dozen Presidential appointees.
Of course, if he wasn’t busy in the green room getting ready for his next TV spot, President Obama might take notice of the ensuing he-said-she-said battle brewing between Sen. “Protected AIG bonuses” Dodd and Sec. “Sole Man at the Helm” Geithner.  Even the liberal blogs are picking it up (caution link takes you to one of said liberal blogs).

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