More Obama Administration Misogyny

I can’t believe I fell for the old, lie-on-TV-and-I’ll-give-you-a cabinet-post-trick!

Remember when Susan Rice did the Sunday Morning Talk Show Circuit™ last September blaming the Benghazi massacre on you-tube video?

Remember how folks believed that she was doing this as a run-up to being the next Secretary of State?

Apparently, so did she.

According to Sen. Sec. Kerry, he was offered the job a week before she withdrew from the running. The White House could not be reached for comment.

It’s one thing to get caught in a lie, get embarrassed and withdraw from consideration for a Cabinet position that your boss is actually considering you for, but, man, to lay down in traffic for a position you think you’re being nominated for. That’s bad.

What’s even worse is that, if Kerry is telling the truth, underpaying women is not the only way that the Obama administration treats its female employees poorly. Dr. J. has never thought that the President was a very nice man.

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