It’s the end of the world as we know it…

The Last Judgement by Gislebertus. Note, no sequestration anywhere on the tympanum…

…and  I feel fine.

Dr. J. was reflecting on the sequester this morning.

The sequester does not even result in real spending cuts, but like everything called a cut in Washington, it is merely slowing in the rate of growth.

Indeed this Mercatus Center chart put together by Dr. J.’s econo-crush Veronique de Rugy paints the picture far better than Dr. J. ever could:

While you let that sink in, note that President Obama is caterwauling like a mewling quim about a bigger (borrowed) budget. He wants to spend more even as America spends $1.89 for every $1 the United States Treasury takes in. If the President doesn’t get his way, he is willing to abuse the latituded given to him in the sequester deal to make the smaller budget increase as painful for John Q. Public as possible in order to bully America into siding with him.

Furthermore, our House Republican friends have let the Senate swallow up their solutions without a public hearing and let Obama control the debate.

Let it further sink in that you don’t get an automatic increase in your home budget every year, nor can you perpetually borrow 46¢ of every $1 in your budget. Indeed, like Dr. J. given the increasing energy costs and increased taxes (the end of the payroll tax holiday, and an increase in property taxes in his case), he has had to adjust his family budget accordingly.

Given the ridiculousness of the debate Americans of all stripes should be on the horn to Washington to tell them to get real.

This sequester, as you can see, is a drop in the bucket, but a full bucket begins with a single drop.

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