A National Lottery? Are You That Stupid About Money?

Thanks to our good graces here at Castle Gormogon, two winners of the almost $600 million dollar Powerball game are out there somewhere.

And already this morning, the Czar’s jaws dropped to see not one but two (possibly three) media pundits wonder if the United States government should run a Federal lottery to help pay down the debt.

After all, they suggest, $600 million is a lot of money. Imagine how fast you could pay our debt down with that kind of scratch.

Um, are you that totally ignorant? Could you possibly put down your Iron Man action figure long enough to pay attention to how bad our debt is?

Our debt is already approaching $16 and a half trillion dollars. Remember when a couple of you newsies bothered to mention that our debt hit an even $16 trillion last summer? We are well on our way to $17 trillion already.

And the thing with debt is that it snowballs, morons. The time it will take to hit $17 trillion from 16 trillion will be a lot less than the time it took to go from $15 trillion to 16 trillion. And so on, until we are putting up another trillion bucks every 8 weeks or so.

So your proposal is to use a lottery system which produces a half billion dollars every…well, in fact, this is the first time it has. Using a half billion dollars to pay down seventeen trillion dollars is like this. See if you liberal media eggheads can follow along.

A guy owes you seventeen hundred dollars and you really need it back. You ask him about it and say he needs to pay you back by the end of the week. So his buddy, who is standing right there, suggests he buy a raffle ticket—from you—in which he could possibly win 5 cents from you to pay it back.

How many times would he need to win your lottery each time he played it? That’s right, 34,000 times.

Would you take the deal? Or would you ask this guy to step outside while you broke your buddy’s wrist?

Know how you stop a hurricane? You don’t. You wait for it to hit dry land, which cuts off its supply of warm water. This kills the massive convection engine that creates the damage. With a massive debt problem, you cut the spending which drives it.

No matter how hard the liberal media wants to pretend otherwise, as they pick up their Iron Man action figures to get back to playing, the only way to stop the insane debt is to stop the spending. Adding more revenue, either involuntarily through taxation or voluntarily through a lottery system, is never going to work…any more than you would be willing to foot the cost for a raffle prize to pay you back a sliver of what your buddy owes.

The instant we saw that idea floated—a national lottery, which would of course starve out existing lotteries that pay for local costs within a community—the more realize you dopes still don’t get how money works.

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