Our Ways are Mysterious…

The Czar wanted it named Hurricane…SQUIRREL! but we felt that was
too obvious.

Yesterday, our friend Scott O. @gscottoliver from the silver state of Nevada who blogs from his corner office tweeted this in response to concerns about Hurricane Issac disrupting the GOP convention:

Of course we can! (cc @Gormogons) RT @Bodhi1: Like Republicans can’t control the weather.

He is, of course, referring to Mandy’s Weather Control Device™

But who is to say it isn’t already fired up for the convention?

Dr. J.’s buddy Jamie Jeffords at the Eye of Polyphemus wrote yesterday regarding the Akin controversy:

I do not know how sincere he is, but Akin did say he would drop out if his support fell because of his remarks. His base mayy (sic.) very well not be bothered by in his remarks in the first place, or genuinely forgive him, or hate Claire McCaskill enough to overlook the matter. Whatever happens, the whole bruhaha is going to blow over, probably by coverage of Hurricane Isaac (emphasis added, ed.). People have short attention spans about the length of a news cycle.


@Bohdi1, these Republicans can control the weather, but as you can see we control it for our purposes, and our ways are mysterious, except to select minions…

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