Buffett Doesn’t Get It

So the buzz is starting about Warren Buffett’s latest issuance: he’ll match any donation towards the national debt made by a Republican in Congress and he’ll go 3-to-1 with Sen. McConnell.

Think about that for a moment as it should strike you as odd.

1.  Why should there be a match?  If Buffett thinks the rich (which he includes himself in that group) should pay more taxes, then why doesn’t he just do it and then he can proclaim like the Pharisees.  Yes, the Republicans pointed out that this capability exists but they were not the ones calling for the rich to pay more.  Buffett is the one who should “put up or shut up”.

2.  Why is Buffett limiting this to republicans?  Does he not think democrats should do this?  Or that they aren’t good enough to match?  Or maybe he’s scared that the ultra-rich democrats would out-donate what he’s willing to part with (ha ha, just making myself chuckle there).    Out of the top 10 wealthiest congressmen, democrats constituted 70% with positions 3 to 9.

It is about time Mr. Buffett shut up because he’s not putting anything good up.

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