So why wouldn’t they…

…do this?

Say, here’s a thought. Someone keeps saying there are 47 million Americans without healthcare coverage. How about this: find out who they are. The census folks should be getting this data in another few months anyway when they gather no-speak-English-very-well data.

Then simply do what the Mandarin suggests: buy them their own policy. The Mandarin computes that you can handle this for less than $25 billion a year! Do this each year. And be done with this. Everybody wins, even the President. If he’s honest about his motives.

A: For the same reason that the $14,000+ a year the District of Columbia spends on abysmal public schools dooming their children to ignorance and likely penury isn’t just converted into a check or voucher and mailed directly to parents who could then pay their way through some of the swankiest schools in America or attract great teachers and capital to found new, excellent private schools in the District.