It’s All About Me!

Can any of us remember a time when a president of the United States had his own logo? While I only really remember Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, I don’t recall seeing a logo for any of the presidents before them. If I’m wrong, drop me a note, I’m not above admitting that I didn’t know something. However, not only does Obama have his own logo (the portion of the picture at the left with the “O” shape containing the red and white stripes), the administration is busy using taxpayer money to adapt that logo into a logo for the national healthcare program (proposed logo is the one pictured).

What if president Truman had a logo and included it in the logo for the Central Intelligence Agency after he signed the Executive Order in effect creating the organization? What about George W. Bush putting a big, stylized “B” logo in the middle of the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence? Somehow, I don’t think either of those would have gone over well at all.

But in walks Obama and we see cars tatooed with the logo and now it’s being used as part of national program. Draw your own conclusions, but I know having a ruler’s logo issued as part of national programs isn’t in our history but exists in others that aren’t too favorable.

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