This Gets Tiring

Wait for the cuckoo to come out.Let us review.

Janet Napolitano says that Canada’s slipshod security was critical in aiding the 9/11 attacks. Canadians, by and large, throw a pretty big fit, but she later adds that the Canadian border is just as screwed up as Mexico’s. When the Canadian goverment demands an apology, she openly regrets that the Canadians are too stupid to understand what she meant. Napolitano spokesperson Sean Smith says that the DHS Secretary meant to say that she was thinking of something else and would have phrased things differently.

Vice President Joe Biden, when asked about the President’s assurances on Swine Flu, states he personally would screw that and stay the hell out of anything that had people in it. Biden spokesperson Elizabeth Alexander says that Vice President meant to say that he agrees completely with the President.

Biden also blurts out the secret location where the US executive branch sets up its emergency underground command facility for the Vice President, in the event the President is missing in action. The ever-busy Ms. Alexander says that he meant to refer to a not-at-all secret upstairs workspace.

Sonia Sotomayor makes a blatantly racial comment, and Obama (Sotomayor’s spokesperson) says he is certain she would have restated her comment.”

When will the President’s men and women start speaking for themselves, rather than having people explain what they were supposed to have said?

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