Oh Brother

We're coming to your kindergarten class!In another stunning case of liberal fascism (click on the tag below for more), Alameda USD parents are outraged that a new anti-bullying effort will begin teaching children as young as five all about the lesbian, gay, and transgendered community.
See, it’s like this. Five-year-olds, to almost the 99th percentile, do not bully other kids because they do not yet have an elaborate social network that can sustain systematic bullying. Sure, there are rough and tough kids, and brats, and kids who hit at that age…but these are not targeted against specific attributes. That comes around ages 6 and 7.

And the school board knows this. They are not actually introducing sexual orietation stereotypes until the kids are in fifth grade, but will instead focus on teasing, gradually introducing the concepts of sexual orientation progressively, each year.

Except this is all a load of crap to the Czar. What is happening is a gradual indoctrination of the children to accepting—without question—that a small minority of adults can control their attitudes and developments.

As the Czar likes to do, let us look at logic through substitution. Supposing we substituted one liberal minority for another. Instead of introducing children to sexual orientation and the dangers of mocking it, what if we introduced children as young as five to white supremacy? You know, the First Amendment-protected idea that one small group of people must be respected, gradually, without question.

No, the Czar is not suggesting that white supremacist bastards equate to the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community (why not the intersexed or cross-dressing community, by the way? What are they, chopped liver?). The Czar is, however, pointing out that the classroom shall not serve as a bully pulpit for the few who thought elementary school was a little rough.

“Our schools are a reflection of our community and world,” says one parent in support of the idea. “From a very early age, children should see what exists in the world.”

Right. At the appropriate time. And by someone without a specific political agenda to push.

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