Real March Madness

Well, here’s a major screw up.

POTUS Obama, under whose advisement the Czar cannot begin to imagine, thought the following would be a great idea: announce that you are, in effect, pulling federal funding of injured veterans (yes, veterans) who might be covered under private insurance programs.

Theory: hey, if these guys are covered under a private insurance provider, why should the government pay for their treatment? This could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Practice: if you are injured serving your country, your country thinks you can go take a flying leap.

To veterans, the Czar speaks for millions of Americans that we are honored by your service, and understand the severe sacrifice you have made in serving us to maintain our freedom.

To President Obama, this is an egregiously insulting and shockingly un-American action.

Fortunately, the President has finally achieved some bipartisanship, as members of both sides—and allegedly even Rahm Emmanual—rushed to the President to ask if his whiskey has tangoed a foxtrot. Said Rep. Mike Michaud (D-ME), “It is unconscionable, and it is an insult to our veterans who have been hurt overseas…It is just unbelievable that anyone would ever think of doing that in this budget.”

The news does get somewhat better. As of this afternoon, POTUS Obama has changed his mind on the matter. Veterans can, for now, rest a bit easier, knowing their CinC will not throw them out onto the cold street, but will in fact go back to reviewing his NCAA picks.

Thank goodness. We have had about all the commander in chiefing we can stomach today.

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