Czar Still Tired of MSM’s Science Reporting

The MSM is at it again. Or rather, still.

A physics guy familiar with the recently discovered (?) Higg boson said that the mass of the particle is about 126GeV, which potentially leads to instability in its mass. As a result, he theorized, these eventual instabilities suggest that billions or trillions of years from now, the Universe will not be able to sustain itself indefinitely and therefore could reach some sort of end. Potentially, another universe from a multiverse—if multiverses even exist—could absorb ours completely. Who knows.

MSM reports: “Higgs Boson Particle May Spell Doom For the Universe.”


Just to be clear, this is like hearing that the sun will, 5 billion years or so from now, swell to absorb the inner planets and running with the headline Sun Threatens to Destroy Earth.

Again, the Czar blames the editor, not the author of the articles.

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