Turnabout, Fair Play, And So Forth

The Czar is, of course, dead set against the idea that Piers Morgan can, or should, be booted out of the country because he has willfully and persistently demonstrated that he is of low intelligence. In the unlikely event you are unclear as to what this is in reference, an online petition to deport the CNN airhead is now approaching 70,000 signatures, driven by his ignorant and offensive comments about firearms on his show.

Mr. Morgan, of course, was exercising his First Amendment rights. So on that count, deporting him for this is distinctly un-American. So why does the Czar find this so damned entertaining?

Because this is perfect medicine for Mr. Morgan.

He used his First Amendment rights to punish those who appreciate the Second Amendment. He therefore can now enjoy seeing his First Amendment rights punished by those same people. Not so pleasant, is it, Mr. Morgan? We thought not.

The irony continues: he used a postion of celebrity to offend an audience of many thousands; in turn, many thousands are offending a celebrity in some position. Rich, eh?

And to see him whine and bellow on Twitter about how offended he is, well—good. He deserves to be offended. Badly. Alack, he is probably not bright enough to see how deliciously ironic this response is.

No doubt the new management at CNN, which is already demonstrating some pretty smart moves in order to change the tone of the network, will explain it to him in short order. Probably by 2014 he will again be a celebrity judge on some C-list variety show, which is about where he should be.

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