Operative JW writes in to ask:

Dread and awful Czar,

Is what is because of what it is, or is what is because of something else?

More the middle one, we suppose.

The tech journalists are in a tizzy trying to determine all the exciting ins and outs of Windows 8 Surface, and figure out its core components from the little that is known and are coming up with interesting results. Anybody think we should assign these guys to look at Benghazi?

The Czar loves how full of crap Democrats are. Like how they want to encourage business development in a certain economic sector, and do so by giving tax breaks. Or, like the other day, when Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, gleefully announced that a new DoE program will use Chicago to develop new battery technology development capital of the world. In his self-laudatory speech, the Mayor explained that new batteries are critical to alternative power, because storage of wind and solar power has always been the chief problem. That’s true, by the way—but it took a business deal for Chicago to get Emmanuel to admit that green energy isn’t a viable energy producer yet.

Also, the Czar’s barber asked how long it will take for Chicago to develop a monumentally more powerful and safe battery so that we can send all the manufacturing of said batteries to China? Wry, yes, but he’s right: China has cornered the market on all the materials expected to manufacture new batteries.

Finally, in a story calculated to make the Czar laugh hysterically, Public Policy Polling—generally used by Democrat organizations for opinion polls—ran a poll for Illinois democrats on the popularity of Illinois’ governor Pat Quinn.

No surprise here: the poll found Pat Quinn the country’s least popular governor by a long shot. In fact, the poll found that all potential democratic primary challengers could sweep Quinn in a primary election held today. Better, even if he survives that primary somehow, he would be crushed by the most likely Republican candidates; in fact, only one Republican candidate would lose to Quinn…by one point. That candidate is Aaron Shock, whom our readers in the rest of the United States will know because 99% of Illinois residents don’t know who this guy is, either. In other words, you could run a random Republican against Quinn, and get at least 49.9% of the vote.

Governor Quinn: we know you don’t read very well, so let us put it simply. Get in front of a camera and slowly read this out loud: “If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.” And get out of the way for some real leadership. Hell, the Czar sees that a prime challenger from the Democrats is Lisa Madigan, who would be astonishingly better than Quinn.


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