Vote. Please.

Happy Election Day.

You have already voted, are about to, or will get to it as soon as you can before your local polls close…right? Remember: this one is historic, and you want to say you were there. For God’s sake, you did that stupid Hands Across America thing, you can easily do this.

Please—wait in a long line today. Talk to your neighbors as you wait. Stretch. Enjoy. Today, make Chick-Fil-A look like a mere sit-in.

The Czar though wonders something. Has political campaigning become so good, so skilled at psychology that every presidential election going forward get closer and closer? What if 2000 was not a rare, one-off event but the start of the new normal?

For all the talk about ending this gritty, often inhumane partisanship, what if this is the result of knowing what works and what doesn’t? What if we did this to ourselves? And that it will be a long time before any of us sees a polite, civil, and rage-less campaign?

Could the next one be even worse? Maybe.

But until then, vote. Your country really does need you. And you gotta admit—she’s been putting up with an awful lot lately, but has always been good to you.

The Czar will be up quite late tonight. Quite late indeed.

About The Czar of Muscovy

Божію Поспѣшествующею Милостію Мы, Дима Грозный Императоръ и Самодержецъ Всероссiйскiй, цѣсарь Московскiй. The Czar was born in the steppes of Russia in 1267, and was cheated out of total control of all Russia by upon the death of Boris Mikhailovich, who replaced Alexander Yaroslav Nevsky in 1263. However, in 1283, our Czar was passed over due to a clerical error and the rule of all Russia went to his second cousin Daniil (Даниил Александрович), whom Czar still resents. As a half-hearted apology, the Czar was awarded control over Muscovy, inconveniently located 5,000 miles away just outside Chicago. He now spends his time seething about this and writing about other stuff that bothers him.