Lest One Think Otherwise

The Czar usually camps out at the Castle Maildrop grabbing all the post that the mailman delivers but Sleestak distracted him with leftover Halloween candy.  So he missed the following mail from our Castle Archivist:

Spot on, sir, with the All Saints Day post.

Your concluding sentence of thus: So while it is the Christian thing to help the poor, care for the sick and elderly, and feed the hungry, it doesn’t mean that we should shrug off our personal calling in lieu of hoping and voting in such a way that the federal, state, or local government will do that for us. is exactly what I think MANY need to hear. Yeesh.

The idea that “I pay my taxes so I don’t have to care about my neighbors” is sad. And I do think the ridiculously high tax rates (for some) help breed this mentality.

Just as an addendum, a friend shared this statement the other day and it was received greatly by fellow Catholics; thought you could appreciate the sentiments within (which parallel your own).

…as per Matthew 25, our salvation is bound up in how we treat the poor, how we as individuals treat the poor in our midst. How can we love them if we never see them? If all we do is pay our taxes and buy a gift for the giving tree at Christmas? The Lord did not tell us to outsource the works of mercy.”


Thanks for the kind words, hopefully they’ll hit home out there.

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