GOP Reform IV: Get Some Class

Part Four of Seven

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It’s time Republicans exposed the Democrats as the fattest cats, the richest SOBs, and the jerk aristocrats they are.If you had a nickel for every time President Obama or Vice-President Biden referenced tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, hurting the middle class, corporate jet owners, Governor Romney’s friends in big business and Wall Street, fat cats, and so on, you would already be one of those groups, if not all. Admit it: you can totally hear the President’s voice when you read some of those phrases. Such men of the people, those two.

The reality is quite different, as you know. President Obama is a multi-millionaire, as is Joe Biden. As is, indeed, most of the cabinet. And the Democratic senators. And most members of the House; and those Democrats not millionaires are closing in fast. If anyone is a fatcat so wealthy that he has no clue how the common folk live, it’s President Obama.

Karl Marx, no relation to Obama, realized a while ago that demonizing the rich gets results. And why not? No matter how much money you have, nearly everyone considers themselves less rich than the rich. When billionaire rap stars are marching in solidarity with the Occupy crowd, you realize how much envy still reigns among people utterly well off.

The typical liberal voter sees rich people as tuxedo-wearing, top hat-donning, monocle-squinting, cigar-chomping old men sitting on a pile of cash, lighting cigars and hurling champagne bottles out car windows in an effort to hit and injure poor people eating frozen ice off the sidewalks. This image, by the way, dates back to the days of Karl Marx; the depiction of the rich as evil goes back to the Robber Baron days of European feudalism, where most notions of stupid aristocracy started. Marxism, too.

And what about these Democrats, who live off the largess of the public and make millions? Well, they aren’t rich; true, they may have done a little better than other folks, but… and the sentence ends there.

Republicans got their asses handed to them on the class warfare front by a campaign that, eight years ago, put forth John Kerry as an alternative. This is a guy so wealthy he doesn’t even know where he parked his yacht. And you know what? One of the ways Republicans defeated him in 2004 was on that point—the more voters saw what a rich, clueless doofus he was, the more appealing Bush looked. Look and see how Democrats used the exact same out-of-touch plutocrat emphasis on Mitt Romney. Guess where they got it?

Republicans need to begin exposing how freaking loaded these Democrats are. Imagine if Mitt Romney had revealed how little money Barack Obama had given to the communities he pretends to support? Or if Paul Ryan pointed out that Joe Biden fails to support the Catholic Church he weeps over in joy? Heck, go all out like the Democrats do: picture Scott Brown saying “And for all her talk, Elizabeth Warren never started, funded, or helped at a battered women’s shelter; why does she hate them? Is she afraid of them?” Nonsense, but evidently the public loves that crap.

The elections of 2012 showed that Americans have terrible envy. They tell exit pollsters that times are bad, and they have no confidence, but by God, they want free stuff. Well, Republicans, here is your moment: point out that the Democrats took it all. All of it. And that Republicans want to get it back for you. That Democrats are taking all your money, and you can see it—each time they win an election, you don’t get your free stuff like you were promised.

Use class warfare to expose Democrats as being out-of-touch, greedy, plutocrats. First. Because they will be doing it to you.

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