Smith Dinner Standup

In case you missed it, the traditional presidential candidate roast was held yesterday. The Czar would tell you all about the Smith Foundation and its goals, but you basically want to get to the good stuff. Anyway, you can look all that up yourself. What you do get from us are links to the videos.

First up is President Obama discussing himself and Mitt Romney. Some very good lines (believed to have been written by Jay Leno). If only the real Barack Obama was this self-deprecating, we would have a very different presidency. (9:32 long)

Okay, the opening gag was lame, but the second one was very good and generally kept getting better.

Next up was the amazingly engaging Mitt Romney, who seems to have quite a flair for upbeat delivery. (10:10 long, and rumors abound this was written by Dennis Miller)

Overall, these were very good jabs at Barack Obama, and Mitt takes some fun potshots at himself. Overall, it is difficult to imagine either candidate taking real offense to either of these, so nice work.

Oh yes, all safe for viewing at work.

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