Revealed: the 10 Years Romney Paid No Taxes

Like most Americans, the Czar are concerned about who Senator Harry Reid’s source is about why Mitt Romney refuses to release his taxes.

Please allow a slight correction. No Americans think Harry Reid has any sources at all.

Seriously, is there anyone in this country that thinks Harry Reid is nervously looking through the bedroom blinds down at the foggy street below, wondering if…maybe…he has said too much already, and better watch his step?

Or are pretty much all Americans thinking Harry Reid blatantly lied to the American public more than once about this? Goodness, even Harry Reid woke up this morning, looked at himself while shaving, and muttered “Boy, I totally made that up.”

Let us see. Some mysteriously unidentifiable source from Bain Capital calls Harry Reid at his office—of which there is no record—and announces to the Senator that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes, and somehow put this past the IRS watchdogs 10 times in a row. And that somehow Mitt Romney managed to do this before his tenure at Bain, because he released almost 24 years of taxes to Senator John McCain when being vetted for vice-president in 2008, and nothing like that was found.

And when challenged to produce this source, Reid announced that the burden of proof is somehow on Mitt Romney, and not on Harry Reid, because everybody is already talking about it.

No, Senator, we’re all talking abount what a tremendous putz you are.

Oddly, it is true that Governor Mitt Romney did not pay income taxes for 10 years. Pretty sure the IRS is pretty close to establishing that Wilfred M. Romney did not pay any taxes between 1947 – 1957. You might want to follow up that.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid is demonstrated he is either horrifyingly incompetent, grossly negligent, immorally mendacious, or any combination of that you prefer. And thanks to Sen. Reid’s own words, the burden of proof has been satisfied on that claim.

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