Going for the Gold…

You wouldn’t know it by following the coverage of the Olympics in all of the main stream media outlets, but there was an Olympic first yesterday.

But you are saying to yourself, “Oh great Mandarin, we are completely aware of Gabby Douglas’ accomplishment of being the first African-American female gymnast to win the all around gold medal.” And while you Mandarin is proud that an AMERICAN won the all around gold medal, he wonders – already knowing the answer – why her race has to be brought into it. Would it have made her accomplishment any more or less significant had she been the first Mexican-American or Native-American to win the gold? I think not.

The real Olympic first your Mandarin is referring to is the first gold medal ever won by the United States in Judo. Not only was this the first time that the United States has taken home a gold medal in the sport, it was won by a woman. Your Mandarin would like to offer his congratulations to Kayla Harrison for doing what no other United States Judoka has been able to do since 1964 when Judo was introduced as an Olympic event. Hopefully, Kayla’s Olympic victory will be an inspiration to young girls and boys to take up the sport and learn from her example that one can overcome great trauma to achieve great things.

About The Mandarin

The Mandarin, whose real name is 吏恆, joined the order in 1309, and introduced the Gormogons into England during the 18th Century. The Mandarin enjoys spending time with his pet manticore, Βάρἰκος, or Barry (who can be found in the Bestiary). When not in the Castle…well, frankly, nobody is quite sure where he goes. The Mandarin popularized the fine art of “gut booting,” by which he delivers a powerful kick to the stomach of anyone that annoys him. Although nearly universal today, the act of gut booting or threatening someone or something with a gut boot is solely due to him.