Money Talks? (updated)

The democrats have tried to spin the Scott Walker recall election in a number of different ways.  Many of GorT’s liberal friends on Facebook like to point out that the Republicans outspent the Democrats in some skewed proportion – some claim as high as 7-to-1.  Let’s step back a take a broader look at campaign contributions.  The folks at compile much of the freely available data and publish it in different forms and Mike Cornelison put together a piece highlighting the issue.  However, I always am skeptical of numbers thrown about, so I did a once over on them and made some adjustments.  These adjustments are purely addressing any partial support for democrats vs. republicans.  So the numbers below represent the amount of money donated since 1989 with the percentage (as reported via OpenSecrets) towards a political party taken into account.

Organization (Open Secrets rank)
Total To Dem Total to Rep
3 American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees  44,369,104.96 482,272.88
5 National Education Assn  30,682,853.84 2,073,165.80
7 Service Employees International Union  29,139,860.25 777,062.94
9 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  34,094,136.00 710,294.50
10 American Federation of Teachers  29,629,429.92 0.00
11 Laborers Union  28,693,591.80 2,308,679.80
12 Teamsters Union  28,470,121.86 1,636,213.90
13 Carpenters & Joiners Union  27,214,622.60 3,164,491.00
14 Communications Workers of America  29,007,394.84 0.00
16 United Food & Commercial Workers Union  26,255,811.15 0.00
18 United Auto Workers  27,518,823.36 0.00
20 Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union  27,077,622.46 276,302.27
29 National Assn of Letter Carriers  19,624,308.88 2,153,887.56
32 AFL-CIO  18,520,412.50 892,550.00
40 Sheet Metal Workers Union  18,895,994.00 397,810.40
42 International Assn of Fire Fighters  15,272,628.54 3,328,649.81
44 Plumbers & Pipefitters Union  18,099,154.08 778,458.24
45 Operating Engineers Union  15,927,764.16 2,654,627.36
52 Air Line Pilots Assn  14,427,597.01 2,607,397.05
57 United Transportation Union  13,555,924.80 1,694,490.60
58 Ironworkers Union  14,073,676.08 917,848.44
59 United Steelworkers  15,128,829.54 0.00
66 American Postal Workers Union  13,648,006.85 430,989.69
69 National Air Traffic Controllers Assn  9,980,717.76 2,633,800.52
77 Koch Industries 
1,160,999.91 11,609,999.10
86 Natl Active & Retired Fed Employees Assn  8,876,945.00 2,536,270.00
559,346,332.15 44,065,261.86

I did leave out the Club for Growth on the Republican side, but even then, it would only add $13M to the Republican total which would change the ratio of 12:1 spending since 1989 to 10:1.  If we were to apply an estimate that 40% of union workers would support Republican candidates (as Mike Cornelison points out), that narrows the margin to $335M towards democrats for all the listed organizations and $267M towards republicans.  So, maybe keep these numbers in mind the next time a liberal friend of yours spouts off about spending in elections insinuating that it is the GOP that benefits.

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