Facts and Farce

Your newly twisted media meme of the hour is the rapid departure of Richard Grenell from his post as Mitt Romney’s spokesperson for foreign affairs. Without so much as a by-your-leave, and only minutes into the job it seems, Grenell resigned.

That is the who, what, and when. The question is why.

The mainstream media, which is of course an insecure 14-year-old mean girl, has decided it’s because he’s ♫gaaaaaay♫. In fact, don’t you know, he got so much pressure from the anti-gay bigots on the Right that he had to resign.

The sad truth is that there is considerable truth to that, and when conservative apologists demand proof from the gay community about Rights punishing or humiliating homosexuals, they can easily point right back to this.

But this is not the entire truth, nor is it even most of it. Sure, sure: he got more abuse from gays on the Left, who were horrified to learn that Mr. Grenell was a Republican instead of fulfilling a liberal fantasy stereotype. Gays can get pretty mean with each other, by the way, especially when one of them opts to live independently rather than conform to the all-things-included alternative lifestyle. Not that this has been covered by the media because it makes the Left further deny reality.

And yet, this still is not the Czar’s point. There is in fact a bigger story here: Mr. Grenell resigned not because of orientation but from attitude: the media hates the guy because he views them as jerks and morons. Indeed, Mr. Grenell deleted his Twitter account and his own politically themed website…not because he is gay, but because it may have contained a treasure trove of controversial opinions for his opponents to use against Mitt Romney. But the damage was done: his ability to fulfill his role effectively was compromised so rapidly that he resigned the morning he was to begin his job.

Because this would have possibly hurt Romney’s chances at election, he took one for the team. Not because he was gay, but because it was the right thing to do.

Or you can just go ahead and believe the media. That’s up to you.

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