Nothing To See Here. Except, Of Course, All This

Liberals will have their work cut out for them over the next couple of months. With all this bad-for-the-Left news going on, you can bet that distractions and personal attacks will be the usual bill of fare.

Things couldn’t be worse for the badly teetering Obamacare law, as the SCOTUS rips it to shreds by asking simple questions. Or could they be worse? Sure, especially when an inspection revealed that a math error in the bill puts it $17 trillion in the red, meaning that the bill would lose at least $82 trillion over the next 75 years. But what you don’t understand is this is all very desirable, regardless of its legality or solvency.

What to make of the news that the Obama administration has been feeding information to Iran that hampers Israel’s ability to attack Iran? Scandal, scandal, scandal! Therefore, we need to call attention to ways the President is going to solve the Iranian problem without Israel. just what the doctor ordered.

We saw the Left back Trayvon Martin and call for the literal mob assault on the accused, only to discover that maybe the media got the story completely backward from the beginning. Well, this rap song fantasy must have a way to salvage it so that the whitish guy who shot him can still be guilty. And sure enough: Trayvon attacked his shooter because of pre-meditated self-defense.

Given that Paul Ryan’s budget plan passed the House while President Obama’s was a total shutout means they have to find a way to embarrass him and distract from his far superior command of basic introductory economics. And so it begins.

And don’t concern youself with news that President Obama admitted over an open mic that once he’s re-elected, he will have the flexibility to do anything he wants. Because as you know Romney is totally unpopular and Santorum is one scary gaffe after another.

What a bad week for the Left. And the most interesting bit is that the worse the news appears to be about the Right and how good it is for the Left, the more you know it is the other way around. And yeah, it looks like more and more people know this, too.

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