Pat Sajak Gets It Right

This jives perfectly with what the Mandarin and the Czar were discussing at lunch this week.

Pat Sajak nails our mutual opinion perfectly: the GOP had better realize they will not be given a second chance…this is their second chance, and one misstep will find them in serious trouble in 2012. Possibly, with permanent damage.

The coming vote is a rejection of liberal policies, but not necessarily a rejection of everything people thought they were getting with this administration. Americans don’t want a massive new bureaucracy involved in their healthcare decisions, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t want some kind of tweaking of the healthcare system. They may not buy into the anti-capitalist ravings of the Left, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a certain lingering suspicion when it comes to some big businesses and financial institutions. Do they want a series of Congressional investigations? I’m not so sure. Do they want a dramatic turn to the right on social issues? Better make certain.


We might go one bit further: a pissed-off Tea Party has accomplished a lot in less than two years. Imagine if you piss them off for another two. Sajak gets that right too: the Tea Party has done something no other political group has ever done—they figured out how to apply term limits without a Constitutional amendment.

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