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If an anti-war activist falls in the woods, does she make a sound? Darling of the press and the far-left anti-war movement during the President Bush years Cindy Sheehan will be setting up camp on August 25th to remind President Obama that, “the body bags aren’t taking a vacation.”

I find it interesting that as President Obama increases troop levels in Afghanistan and has not immediately removed all troops from Iraq (which was the dream and demand of his hard-left supporters) that we are no longer under a daily barrage of news footage of war protestors picketing outside of recruitment offices, marching on the Pentagon, or calling for the impeachment of the President for continuing what they feel is an illegal war. Could it be that these groups have outlived their usefulness to the press and the money-men for the far-left?

From January 2001 to today we have had to deal with Bush Derangement Syndrome on a daily basis. This BDS took many forms – Bush stole the election, Bush knew about 9/11, Bush planned 9/11, Bush was an idiot, Bush was an evil mastermind, Bush lied to get us to invade Iraq, etc. And who was at the forefront of the BDS movement – none other than the Main Stream Media, Code Pink, and Cindy Sheehan.

Now that President Obama is in the White House the Main Stream Media is suffering from a new ailment – Obama Dishonesty Denial Syndrome (ODDS). Hopefully for their sake the new government-run healthcare system will cover the necessary treatments for it, but the ODDS may be against it. The main stream media is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the Obama agenda is implemented and that all dissenters are silenced or made to look like raving lunatics, un-hinged bible and gun-toting racists, or just plain mean-spirited. So I predict that the coverage by the MSM of this protest by Cindy Sheehan and her fellow travelers will either be totally ignored, given a short mention as a foot-note to another story, or that she and her group will now be seen as lunatics and non-believers to the wonder and splendor that is the Reign of Obama.

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