The Gormogon Mailbag

Gormogons Follower Djinifer writes in, in re “Oh Brother”, noting the Czar:

…quotes one parent as saying, “Our schools are a reflection of our community and world…From a very early age, children should see what exists in the world.”

Yeah – except when it comes to ideas like competition and individual achievement. When it comes to those concepts of reality, we have to coddle those same children so that their self-esteem won’t be impacted. And don’t even get me started on the proselytizing of the religious left in areas of sexual politics and enviromental radicalism (two of their sacraments), while the religious right (or should I say Christians) are denied the right to prayer and on-site religious clubs? Do you suppose it would be possible for right thinking parents to object to school environmental indoctrination because it violates our religious teachings against worshipping nature over God?

Incidentally, the slacky OGs wish to thank the Czar for picking up our slack over the last week or so. His petition to have the blog renamed Tsarstvo is rejected, however.

Updates on GormogoniCon will be forthcoming.