Democrats Lack a Game Plan. What They Have is Scarier.

Operative B curled his first around a glass of something caramel colored and sighed loudly, like an old dog finding a slightly less comfortable spot on an uncomfortable bed.

The New York Times is reporting that several members of the Trump administration had contact with Russian intelligence personnel. But they do not report why those contacts occurred. We know that Putin is doing his best to reestablish Russian dominance over much of the European continent. Is The New York Times hypothesizing that Putin and Trump will establish a multi-hemispheric hegemony? If so, TO WHAT END?

Or, is it possible that the hegemony was planned by Obama when he spoke to Medvedev about having “much more flexibility after the election” in 2012? Is there any other way to explain the Obama Administration’s lack of response to Russia’s invasion into Ukraine in 2014? Or its annexation of Crimea in the same year?

Well, see, the Left believes that Trump and Putin are basically lovers, so that’s the problem. If Trump had talked to Medvedev, no problem. Or if Obama had dealt with Putin, that could be a problem. But it’s this simple: Obama dealt with Medvedev, who’s basically a good guy, but Trump, whom they hate, deals with Putin, which makes them Hitler because Putin ensured Hillary lost.

The Czar isn’t certain where your question is, of course. It’s so perfectly simple.

What’s their game plan?

Democrats are doing their best to hamper, hinder, and destroy the Trump administration, and at the very least its ability to get any work done.

Have the Democrats given any thought to what happens… if they do bring down the US Government? What then??

We are entering totally uncharted waters. The US Constitution does not have anyprovisions in it for the case when the federal government fails. Yes, there is some text about succession in case a President cannot serve, but that’s about it.

What happens if the Democrats succeed in toppling the Trump Administration?

Do the Democrats expect that the reins of power will be handed over to them?

Riots around the United States. Property destruction, physical attacks and beatings, shootings – and police officers being shot and killed. The voices of political opponents being forcibly – and violently – shut down by black-hooded thugs. What’s happening around this country is insanity. It is the destruction of the republic.

Franklin was prophetic: we couldn’t keep it.

Finally, a question the Czar can answer: Have the Democrats given any thought to what happens if they do bring down the US Government?

And the answer: do they ever give any issue any thought? The entire history of the Democratic party’s legislation is rife with Unintended Consequences. Like in California: they raised the tolls to pay for infrastructure repairs, assuming that these repairs will be paid by the folks who used the roads. Of course, people stopped driving on the tollways, which caused a near-total collapse of revenue for the infrastructure repairs. Unintended, and if you live in a cave, totally unforeseen. If you live in the real world, of course, all this is foreseeable. And was.

The Democrats never have a game plan: they have a war strategy, and that strategy is annihilation of the Opponent. These folks aren’t interested in a smooth transition of power in cooperation with Constitutional limits—they would relish the chaos that would make voters run to their party and dismantle the whole thing. Leftists work within rules so long as the rules benefit them; otherwise, inflict enough chaos to where the rules no longer matter to folks. It’s seen throughout history—as you know. We need not list examples because they’re always bad.

So all the crap you see in the streets today—which is frankly quite minor and almost insignificant, but must be played up by the media to ensure Americans think there really is a crisis—is in total accordance with the strategy. A game plan doesn’t need to be zero sum, but War, with the capital letter, must be. These are politics by other means, agreed Alinsky and von Clausewitz.

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