Re: ‘Puter Fixes Illegal Immigration

Ghettoputer, Regarding reasonable suggestions to immigration reform, the Czar has some brief comments. First, no retina scan. If you want biometrics, use an iris scan. Faster and more accurate. Retina scans are pretty much extinct because people’s retinas change over … Continue reading

‘Puter Fixes Illegal Immigration

‘Puter didn’t realize the illegal immigrant community were fans of his writings. Notice how they’ve mastered the “Suck it, Czar” gestures? Conservatives are uptight, and rightly so, about immigration reform.  Based on past experience, conservatives know two things. First, Democrats … Continue reading

Modern, Enlightened Anti-Catholic Bigotry, Courtesy of the NYT

‘Puter wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing anti-Catholic editorial cartoons on the NYT’s pages again, and soon, based on the paper’s evidenced anti-Catholic bigotry. ‘Puter’s had just about enough of enlightened liberals treating religion generally, and Roman Catholicism specifically, as … Continue reading