What Is It About Wal-Mart? Well, Actually…

Regarding minimum wage, our own GorT mentions:

The argument from one side is with that amount of profit why can’t Walmart (and ostensibly other companies like it, but apparently Walmart is the target of the season) pay its employees more – specifically the lower income ones.

The Czar agrees with his colossal silver cybernaut across the board, but can answer why Wal-Mart seems to be so strongly targeted.

Wal-Mart is overtly anti-union. That’s why when a union superstore opens in a neighborhood, like a Meijer, everybody is all happy about it. When Wal-Mart opens, suddenly there are door-to-door campaigns about how terrible Wal-Mart treats its employees and how the overpriced mom-and-pop shops will be driven out of business. The entire argument about Wal-Mart, minimum wage, and living wages is tied up around unions.

Target is also notoriously anti-union, but started pushing its product with liberal-oriented ad campaigns. Result? Targets, once widely protested, are now perfectly acceptable stores because even though they operate in anti-union conditions like Wal-Mart, liberals shop at Target so Targets Are Good. Wal-Mart is for flyover counties where people like NASCAR and bibles and guns, so they are BAD.

Readers should refer to our explanation on why GorT’s anti-living wage arguments are so good. The consequences are already known.

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