JAB write to the shiny metallic one regarding this post:

Dear Mr. GorT:
Your advice to the GOP strikes me as spot-on, but I fear they are too stupid to follow it.  Had they any gumption, they would long ago have deployed some of your recommendations.  Instead of upteen feel-good drama-queen votes for repealing the PP-ACA * , they would have sent the Senate individual bills addressing the each and every one of those.  But nooooooooo, them Republicans like them some some pointless political grandstanding too.
The first thing I would do, if I were in the position of the differently-hued John Boehner, I’d pass me a bill that equalized the tax-treatment of health insurance so that individuals could purchase their very own insurance from pre-tax income, just the same as those who get their insurance through an employer.  That would have the happy effect of making the Obamacare exchanges and union health plans less financially attractive, while lowering taxes on self-employed individuals and others not working for big businesses.  Double-deliciousness!
yours from the Doublewide, JAB
* See, see look at me, I can use asterisk footnotes as well as thee!

 Thanks for the mail!  There is plenty of stupid going around on this situation.

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