The Doctor is Out

Dr. J. has a million balls in the air, and consequently will be out through Wednesday, so any wit, wisdom and ponyisms will have to wait. Until then remember: Obamacare still sucks A government shutdown is not a bad thing … Continue reading

Island Dweller on Extended Adolescence

Some snippets from the Daily Mail obtained just this morning discuss the changed psychiatric guidelines regarding the chronological age of adolescence. It would seem our British cousins believe the timeframe for this period should be extended beyond the age of … Continue reading

WaPo’s Greg Sargent Lies About America’s Debt Ceiling

‘Puter’s been reading Greg Sargent, a confessed liberal, who writes for the Washington Post’s opinion pages. Mr. Sargent is exercised about Republicans holding up a debt limit increase This morning, Mr. Sargent writes: It remains to be seen whether major … Continue reading