Dodd-Frank Action Begets Equal, Opposite Reaction From Banks: Democrats Baffled

Sir Isaac Newton is not amused with Democrats’willful ignorance of cause and effect. Ah, Democrats. In times of complexity, unease and upheaval like these, ‘Puter finds himself admiring their simplicity of mind. If ignorance is bliss, the vast majority of … Continue reading

What the MSM Doesn’t Know About Catholics Can Fill A Book; Here’s The Book

Just a quick couple of thoughts on the whole Pope Francis surge in the news lately. You can get the genuine religious angle here, but allow the Czar to take some potshots at the Main Stream Media. Because he loves … Continue reading

Who Am I To Judge The Media?: The Roman Catholic Church’s Actual Teaching on Homosexuality

Embarrassingly, Pope Francis forgot it was Red Dayat the Sistine Chapel. More embarrassingly, most mediaoutlets refused to accurately report Francis’ responseregarding the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings onhomosexuality. Near the end of a lengthy press conference aboard the papal jumbo jet … Continue reading

It’s Someone Else’s Fault I’m Unemployable Or Stuck In A Dead-End Job

In Sunday’s New York Times op-ed section, Steven Greenhouse shared an article on low wages paid to entry level and low skill employees. ‘Puter chose the term “article” rather than “opinion” in the preceding sentence because ‘Puter could not tell … Continue reading