‘Puter’s Pensees: Why ‘Puter Is A Conflicted Gay Marriage Opponent

Contemplative Dog sadly contemplatesthe state of modern debate and rhetoric,particularly on gay marriage. Shortly aftersitting for this photo, Contemplative Dogassuaged her melancholy, returning to licking herself, Bill the Cat style. To say ‘Puter’s conflicted on gay rights generally and gay … Continue reading

Shooting and Lawyers. Two Words That Might Go Together

Could the Czar be any happier than to have not one but two highly respected epistolarians offer sweet prose on different topics, each of which deserves a response. First, in order of arrival, is Borepatch, who delights us with a … Continue reading

‘Puter’s #SCOTUS Wrap Up: Now With More Racist And Flamingly Homosexual Goodness!

Faithful minion @Blacknsam reminded ‘Puter that he has not yet provided his thoughts on today’s rulings. ‘Puter retorted that he had in fact done a write up of the last week’s goings on at the United States Supreme Court, to … Continue reading