Where the fans are…

Dr. J. saw this link a few days ago but wanted to post it today, for Super Bowl Sunday.

Your Gormogons have Bears, Redskins, and Eagles fans in their ranks. Football is not the official sport of the Gormogons, but in honor of today, we bring it into focus.

Sean Taylor, a data miner at Facebook analyzed 35 million NFL team likes and put together a county by county map of fan favorites and the results were posted at Deadspin.com. It is worth your time to read it.

This is yet another example of the use of social media and the internet to look for epidemiological trends. Another of Dr. J.’s favorites is the soda map. In that map, folks go to a website and fill out their location, and whether they use soda, pop or coke to refer to all carbonated beverages. Dr. J. suspects robust electronic medical record systems, such as the VA’s and any health system with a significant number of patients, and ideally, good record keeping, would be able to harness the same power to, despite some fog-of-war answer questions that can’t be done with standard randomized controlled studies due to the cost and sample size.

As you can see, in the Northeast and California it is called soda, in the Midwest and West, it is pop, and the Pacific Northwest it is pop, and in the South, its coke. 
Now, your Gormogons have yet to have an internal poll, but when Dr. J.’s broken bread with everyone but Puter, we called our beverages beer, so do with that information what you will.

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