Teh Vaccinezes!

Dr. J.’s seen a few of his former schoolmates who are far less attractive than Jenny McCarthy (and from a tony Quaker prep school, no less) waxing philosophic regarding the public menace of forced vaccination on that intellectual echo chamber known as Facebook. (Get a job ladies).

You know where Dr. J. stands on vaccinations, that he’s very much in favor of them.

One of his other schoolmates, who is far more attractive than Jenny McCarthy shared this infographic on Facebook, probably to rub her classmate’s face in it. While the one who posted this has a job in the Obama administration, even a broken clock is twice a day, as it is also endorsed by the liberal rag Forbes magazine and yours truly.

Created by Leon Farrant

Here is the source data for you nay-sayers:

Back to your regularly scheduled tweeting…

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