Speaking Truth (con’t)

Dr. J beat GorT to the punch.  The video of Dr. Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast is quickly making the rounds on the social media sites.  It is very, very impressive and you should sit down with your morning coffee, or over lunch today and watch this.  In fact, GorT is planning on having his kids watch this later this weekend.  It’s roughly a half-hour and worth the watch.

I wanted to pull out two other sections that Dr. J didn’t.

Uninformed citizens (voters):

Take a chapter from my book that came out last year….In it you will questions extracted from a sixth grade exit exam from the 1800s.  A test you have to pass to get your sixth grade certificate.  I doubt most college graduates today could pass it.  We have dumbed things down to that level.  And the reason that is so dangerous is that the people who founded this nation said that our system of government was designed for a well-informed and educated populous.  And when they become less informed, they become vulnerable.  Think about that.

Solving Problems:

And you’re a doctor, a neurosurgeon, why are you concerned about this?  I got news for you.  Five doctors signed the Declaration of Independence.  Doctors were involved in the framing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…a whole bunch of things.  It’s only be recently that we’ve extracted ourselves which I think is a big mistake.  We need doctors and scientists and engineers, all those people involved in government.  Not just lawyers, I have nothing against lawyers.  But, you know, here’s the thing about lawyers.  I got to be truthful.  What do lawyers learn in law school?  To win.  By hook or by crook.  You gotta win. … We have to get rid of that.  We need to start thinking about how to solve problems.

I agree from the perspective that engineers and doctors are generally out to try to solve problems.  There are issues that don’t have cut and dry solutions but bringing bringing a more diverse set of perspectives might help matters.

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