‘Puter is Sequestering Something

GorT read ‘Puter’s post earlier today regarding sequestration.  Let me first state that I’m in agreement with his conclusion: 

To win this debate once and for all, Republicans have to call the Democrats out and expose them for what they are: con men engaged in an inter-generational Ponzi scheme, stealing from Americans not yet born to give to greedy Americans today.

However, I’d like to comment on a statement my fellow Gormogon  made:

“Here’s what the sequester means in reality.  Some government workers (and contract workers) in Washington, D.C. and across the country will work less for less pay. Traffic will lessen inside the Beltway (an environmental boon for the hippies!).”

Maybe not.  GorT has already heard of concrete plans within the DC Metro area to ask military and civilian employees of the Federal Government to work 4 out of the 5 days of work week for reduced pay BUT accomplish the same level of productivity that existed in the 5 days.  While this has numerous issues some of which were directly challenged in staff meetings. 

It is also quite possible that little to nothing will change.  We have been operating under Continuing Resolutions for years now so it has been difficult at best and impossible under usual government operations to forecast and plan for future efforts.  With a reduction in spending, it could be that government growth will be slowed – largely hurting the young workers who could backfill retiring workers and bring new thoughts, technology, and enthusiasm to the government – instead the retirees will be seen as a cost savings.

And if ‘Puter thinks that anything of this magnitude will less the traffic around the DC Metropolitan area, then I have a bridge over a castle moat to sell to him.  Cheap.  Really.

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