Not your mother’s glockenspiel…

Merlin, the court wizard spake:

Ok, Merlin the court wizard tweeted:

@gormogons I present this resume and application for Castle RSO –
— Matt (@NKYAggie) February 24, 2013

Normally, all things firearm are delegated to The Czar, Mandy and ‘Puter. Dr. J. is the least sophisticated with regard to firearms and firearm safety. He is the most sophisticated with regard to gunshot wound management, however.

Nevertheless, the Czar deferred to him tweeting:

CZ @nkyaggie You’re right of course, but I defer all MLP items to Dr J going forward. Still, you all drink for free at our bar tonight.
— The Gormogons (@Gormogons) February 25, 2013

Our readers know that the Lil Resident considers My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic appointment television, and as a consequence we’ve all been sucked into the various and sundry perils faced by America’s favorite anthropromorphic equine, and have even dared use it as a metaphor for what constitutes good and bad doctoring

Consequently, Dr. J. has taken great amusement with this gun safety article posted at Lurking Rhythmically in which three little ponies find a hand cannon sitting in the forest. Rather than be the anti-gun screed one would expect, it was a thoughtful gun safety piece. In order to exorcise the harridans and trolls, the author, a gun owner added a disclaimer in her comments:

Before anyone gets bent out of shape over this and think I have ponies advocating the use of firearms, please note that Twilight Sparkle never allowed anypony to cross in front of the barrel, and that the actions described here — Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, Tell An Adult — are proper gun safety lessons for children.

Back to your regularly scheduled shooting…

By Corruptionsolid

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