More Truth to Power

If you merely read a transcript of Dr. Carson’s conservative revival speech, you will have missed a critical nuance.

The President was sitting one person over from Dr. Carson as the good Doctor lambasted the entire liberal progressive philosophy operating under Barack Obama’s administration.

And watch the President: for almost 30 minutes, he is motionless. Except, when Dr. Carson really gets into the problems of liberalism, you see Obama do his classic head-tilt, where he turns his jaw upward and glares in disgust. You know the look the patrician headmaster has when he enters Latin II and sees the previously unattended students throwing paper airplanes out the window? That glare.

Dr. Carson most clearly struck a nerve. And his history of making speeches like this is pretty clear: the advance team should have known he would humiliate the President openly. But then, with this administration phoning it in….

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