Mailbag – Dr. J. getting his power spoken to Edition

Operative BG writes in from his adventures in the 8th dimension regarding Dr. J.’s coverage of Dr. Carson’s speech:

Esteemed Dr. J. – 

If you speak truth to power and nobody reports it, is it still spoken? 

My reaction to Dr. Ben Carson’s speech was, “Everyone should hear this.” 

But being old and cynical, I decided to check to see who reported it, and checked around Al Gore’s Amazing Internet™ to see how widely it was reported. 

The Washington Post had at least five separate articles (going by number of distinct authors) about the prayer breakfast, but zero mentions of Dr. Carson. The New York Times had at least four articles about the prayer breakfast, zero mentions of Dr. Carson. CNN’s article about the breakfast barely mentioned Carson, giving only a vague gloss on his subject matter (“…delivered a keynote address that covered a broad range of topics…” , ”…touched on taxes, deficit, education and health care…”). MSNBC – zero mentions in its prayer breakfast article. AP, ditto. NPR – are you kidding? 

Not surprisingly, Fox News had the only significant reporting of Carson’s speech, with two videos. 

Among the media’s greatest powers is the power to ignore. [Ed. Emphasis Added]

If you only report the leftist line, people won’t consider the possibility of an opposing point of view, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of evaluating that opposing point of view. If nobody hears it, it doesn’t have to be refuted. This is what we’re up against. 

By the way, all the “news services” made sure to mention Obama’s admonition that those with “most power and influence need to be the most humble.” 

Reminds me of that old Mac Davis song – It’s Hard To Be Humble. 

— Operative BG

Operative BG, you make some powerful points. Not as powerful as the Muppet Show version of Mac Davis singing, and not nearly as powerful as Roger Moore’s cover of ‘If I Could Talk To The Animals‘ on the same variety program, but powerful nonetheless. You are absolutely correct about the press and its power to ignore. Dangerous stuff if you ask Dr. J., but that is why we have teh interwebz, pajama media, conservative talk radio and Fox News, so that alternate points of view and the news that isn’t deemed important enough to report upon by the MSM gets out. Dr. J. loves the term MSM for Mainstream Media BTW because he thinks of something else entirely when he sees that acronym, and it makes him chuckle in an immature and Puteresque sort of way.

The other conservative ‘ole reliable’ also commented on Carson’s speech. That would be the Wall Street Journal. 
They write:

The Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon may not be politically correct, but he’s closer to correct than we’ve heard in years.

The rest is required reading. Doctor’s orders.

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