ScottO writes in in response to the Czar’s review of the Ruger P89.

Dread and Powerful Czar,

I have one thing to say about your italicization of bona fide:

Merci beaucoups!

FWIW, bona fide is not recognized as English by my browser–it has a red squiggle underline.

As for the weapon, I used to own a P90 DC (the .40 S&W model). I believe the “DC” was for the decocking lever, but the user manual that came with it indicated that although this model was double-action (when de-cocked), perhaps other models in the line would require either cocking or leaving the chamber empty and working the slide to prepare it for firing. (I apologize for that run-on sentence.)

In short, I found some of the same issues, to wit: heavy trigger pull, pulling to the right, and occasional feed failures. However, I did not have the problems with the location of the magazine release lever or the slide release. Maybe that’s just because I have freakishly long digits? (I wonder if that’s why I write the occasional freakishly long sentence?)

I also agree on the relatively and pleasantly low weight of the weapon itself. It was also quite easy to disassemble, clean and oil, and reassemble.

I sold the pistol about 18 months ago, intending to replace it with a small .38 Spl or .357 Magnum for carry purposes. Alas, I did not do that immediately, and prices began to skyrocket. I suppose I could look for an estate sale or something…

As ever your minion,

Great Scott!

Interesting to hear your experiences about the Ruger P-series. The Czar has generally had really good experiences with Ruger products in the past, and was a bit surprised by this one. The Czar knows that gun reviews turn off some of our viewers, but every time we do on, we see the statistics light up on those posts (people like reading them) and we always gain another dozen Twitter followers. Email like yours certainly helps!

By the way, consider a .357M with .38 Special bullets. Not many people realize you can safely and easily load .38 Specials into a .357 cylinder. The result is an exceptionally clean and easy-to-shoot combination. The heft of the gun absorbs most of the recoil, and you wind up with cheap ammunition that shoots very straight. This is indeed our favorite revolver configuration. As well as other folks, too.

Also, there are still plenty of superb .357M revolvers around for good prices, and you can still get .38 Special ammunition. Good luck getting a 9mm Glock or the ammo for it these days!

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