Decreasing Popularity

Even a liberal-friendly polling organization like Pew is announcing that 53% of Americans think the federal government is threatening our freedom.

And yet 51% of us voted for the guy taking them away.

Anywhere from two-thirds to three-quarters of Americans think government spending is out of control.

But 51% of us voted for the guy pouring our hard-earned money onto a fire.

We are openly fed up with higher taxes, high unemployment, and an increasingly do-nothing President.

And yet 51% of us voted for it all anyway.

Conservatives rue that day last November, but there are some things to remember.

Americans also voted in increasingly conservative and money-smart(er) representatives in the House; this is not a freak occurrence, because more Americans understand money than the media can fathom. We know spending starts in the House, which is why we sent those men and women there.

And for the 51% who voted for the one guy most responsible for this mess, the Czar maintains that most of them have no clue who or what he is. They simply voted for the face they recognized. In other words, we might be stuck with Obama for four more years, but he would be in serious error if he thought he really has their support.

Polls show that, too, by the way: his popularity is dropping fast for a recently re-elected president.

But what about all those people who now receive some sort of government handout? Those of us who receive no financial aid from the government like to wring our hands over this and say What Is To Be Done? Once people get a taste of government money, they tend not to walk away from it.

That is not exactly true; that only is what results.

Once that famous 47% of people see the remaining 53% doing better, and having neater stuff, then they will begin to realize that the government gives…but it only gives so much. If you want more, you need to leave the government dole and get yourself nicer things.

Remember when you had that cozy job, years ago, and you really started to itch because your friends were driving nicer cars, living in nicer places, and able to hang out at nicer places? So you started to look around for a different job? And even though you liked the old one, you found a pretty good place that paid better? So you switched?

That is how normal people actually do things. And the reason 47% of the country is on the dole is because, right now, that is the best thing going for them. Once jobs start to open up—which is not going to happen under this president—that number will begin to dwindle. They will switch, too.

You can see signs of liberal nervousness everywhere. ‘Puter pointed out that Governor Cuomo is spending precious campaign funds on advertising to reassure residents of New York that he is not a totally hateful wingnut. Why? Because he understands that he, too, is hanging by threads even there.

In California, top earners are fleeing the state; the same thing is happening around DC, too.

In Illinois, recent polls show that a small, wobbly chihuahua named Ricky who has a weird skin disease and a penchant for dribbling urine on the floor is leading Governor Quinn by double digits.

The President himself is in permanent campaign mode, and is forced to participate in a humiliating exercise involving a photo of him probably not shooting a shotgun because of how badly the public is responding to his anti-gun messages. Why is he in permament campaign mode?

Think back to 2010, when he was, in his word, shellacked during the mid-term election. Obama assumed he won in 2008, and that was that. He soon learned that he needed to continue campaigning or that he would lose power. Obama learned from that mistake, and is permanently campaigning now to prevent another further loss of control in 2014 (very possibly the Senate).

This is all because liberals know that they hold the public’s attention only in a very tenuous strand. It does not take much to break it, and that strand is fraying everywhere.

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