American Voters: Shut Up and Vote Next Time

What a clown act the President has become; he isn’t seriously fooling his most loyal followers with his political stunts, and by God even the left-most media is calling him a nutjob.

In unrelated—seemingly—news, one of the most historically corrupt towns in the US had a mayoral election. Cicero, Illinois, re-elected Larry Dominick (D) for a third term. Mr. Dominick is unique among Cicero mayors in serving a third term without having been arrested for corruption six hundred times.

This does not of course mean that Mr. Dominick is without controversy. He won 60% of the vote despite claims of intimidation, vote fraud, and mishandled ballots. So this isn’t exactly news.

What makes the story interesting is that Mr. Dominick was going to win anyway, since he has figured something out that Democrats are figuring out across the country.

Forget by how much he won. He received (unofficially) 5,548 votes. His opponents received 2,870 and a mere 873. If you add those up, you get 9,291. Under 10,000 votes.

Admittedly, weather was bad through most of the election day in Cicero. But Cicero has 83,979 residents, of whom about 52,000 are old enough to vote. Meaning that voter turnout was about one-twentieth. Pathetic.

Dominick spent his last two terms expanding free services for seniors: free transportation most notably. Guess who largely showed up at election day? Seniors. Dominick figured it out: Americans have stopped caring about politics except for a few reliable groups. Pander to those groups, you get elected. This has been the Democratic play since the 1960s, but it has never been easier.

Now back to the Presidency. 53% of Americans want Barack Obama to screw everything up with his incompetence!

Do they? Voter turnout nationally was only 57.5%.

This means that 53% of 57.5% voted for Barack Obama. In other words:

  • 30.5% of Americans voted for Barack Obama
  • 27% of Americans voted for Mitt Romney
  • 42% of Americans don’t give a crap either way what happens to them

If you agree with the Czar’s logic, let us take it to the next step. Look at recent poll numbers:

  • 47% of Americans disapprove of Barack Obama as President. Too bad: only 27% of us voted against him.
  • 83% of Americans think government spending is out of control and the orgy needs to end. Too bad: only 27% voted against that idea when it mattered.
  • 53% of Americans say that they feel their rights are personally threatened by the federal government. Too bad: only 27% of you tried to do something about it.
  • 36% of Americans think Obama is personally hostile to small business. Too bad: only 27% of us voted against him.
  • 90% of Americans think Obama’s proposed gun legislation goes too far. Yet only 27% of us did anything about it.
  • 48% of Americans think Obamacare will hurt the economy more than spending cuts. Too bad: only 27% of us voted against its chief proponent.

Twitter mad genius @fwoodbridge asked us the other day about this bizarre disconnect. If so many people are against Obama and his policies, why did he win? Fred’s right—if you put these numbers together, the President is out and a much stronger president (probably not Mitt Romney, if we had this spinal column back for the primaries) is in.

The answer simply appears to be that people would rather complain to a telephone pollster than cast a vote. But when it came right down to it, 42% of Americans would rather shrug.

And as the Czar explained previously, clearly a majority of Americans who did vote for Obama had no freaking clue what they were doing. The Czar met one last month who voted for Obama because he doesn’t really follow politics, and wanted to go along with what his wife suggested. Seriously. You wanna bet he’s in the disapprove column in all those polls? Reap what you sow, pal. 42% of Americans are learning dearly the cost of their own apathy.

The moment that we Americans associate “I hate these politicians” with “I can vote them out,” the Democrats’s corrupt reign is over, and the weak Republicans get their asses kicked. All in one shot.

But the numbers are all there: Americans would rather complain loudly than do anything about it. And it would have been so easy, too, to do it. All they had to do was show up and cast their vote for either party. That’s it.

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