Woodward Should Stay Leeward

You kids too young to remember Watergate will probably not remember Bob Woodward (or Edward Woodward, for that matter). Woodward was one of the two reporters (the other was Carl Bernstein, or Leonard Bernstein, for that matter) who brought down … Continue reading

CPAC, Gov. Christie, the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party

Yesterday, the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC as it’s affectionately known, decided New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was not sufficiently conservative to address its 2013 gathering in Washington, D.C.One of ‘Puter’s favorite columnists, Charles Krauthammer, took CPAC to task, … Continue reading


GorT has a few emails that he received over the last week or so that merit replies (the rest were about ‘Puter and Czar’s latest adventures at the Leaping Peacock, Mandy’s satellites interfering with The Hopper on DirectTV, Volgi’s latest … Continue reading

The Proper Republican Response to Sequestration

The proper response to Democrats’ profligate spending is to callthem out, make them pay for their beloved programs withoutborrowing. Pictured, House Republicans after passing a balancedbudget bill, taunting the Democrat led Senate as “cabrons.” ‘Puter is sick and gosh-darned tired … Continue reading