Women in Combat? More Obama Time Wasting

First, let us be perfectly in sync: the entire idea of women serving in active combat roles is a distraction, pure and simple, by the Obama administration.

Second, like most of these awesome, super-cool ideas by the Obama administration, this one will be slowly pulled back until things are as they were. This administration is great at making announcements but really bad at thought-out execution. Marketing as opposed to operations, and all.

Third, the Czar is on record as opposing women in active combat roles. You can read the story about how we reached our decision.

But it comes down to this: all of the people—on both sides of the right-wing/left-win spectrum—who think this is a good idea has never served in active combat. All this nonsense about equal pay for equal work and selective service and safe zones and so on means nothing when bullets fly. Curious yet again how armchair opining does not match up with what combat troops are openly and actively warning.

Well, the upside is that now we’ll know for sure whether this is a good idea. However, the Democrats will be humiliated if the casualty rates climb. Any dead soldier is a bad thing, regardless of gender and if that’s what transpires, it will be yet another horror of the Obama administration that will cause historians to shake their heads in wonder.

If you’re asked about women in combat, you know what you should say? Ask “Whatever; how about the 15 million Americans who can’t find a job here at home? When is that going to be corrected?”

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