Watson Says “Get Bent, You Wankers.”

IBM’s Watson, as the rendered by an artist based on the limited reseach done by the Czar.

Remember Watson, the IBM computer that proved Alex Trebek really is an inch-deep pseudo-intellectual? Well, he wound up in trouble with the law.

Sort of. Seems that Eric Brown, the IBM researcher who designed and developed major parts of Watson, wanted to increase the computer’s ability to recognize and understand more realistic human speech. So he began teaching it slang words and modern idioms.

Things wound up not working totally well. One clue was when they asked Watson for an answer, it replied “Bullshit!” Allegedly, things got worse: talking to Watson quickly sounded like you were talking to Rahm Emanuel, although obviously the outcome was more productive. Eventually a filter had to be put in because it got so bad. For Watson; let’s hope the same thing can work on Rahm.

Wow. A cybernetic brain with a potty mouth. Imagine living with that. God knows, we do.

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