The Impeachment Trap

It’s A TRAP!

Dr. J. has spoken before about President Obama being emboldened after his narrow election victory. He got his Republican sanctioned tax-hike without spending cuts and he is looking to continue with his Progressive agenda, by hook or by crook, or, as Malcolm X used to say, “…by any means necessary.”

He flirted with the idea of minting a $1T platinum coin, and depositing it into the Federal Reserve, permitting the reserve to print $1T in paper money without diluting the value of the currency (not really, but that’s their talking point), until, Dr. J. suspects, that he would have had to mint a 20,000 ton coin for it to count according to law, and if one were making the presumption that the coin was a ‘bullion’ coin. That being said, according to our friend at, if the coin were a proof it is not legal tender, however even though it is a commemorative coin, there is no reason that the the government isn’t allowed to sell it this unique proof for $1T, to the Fed, or for the Fed to buy it. But that doesn’t work either, in Dr. J.’s opinion because for there to be selling, there has to be buying, and it isn’t clear to Dr. J. how the Fed would ‘pay’ for said coin.

He is discussing the possibility of 19 executive orders to restrict American Second Amendment Rights.

He has already infringed on First Amendment Rights via the HHS Mandate. Something to be handled in the courts.

He is promising intransigence against anything but a ‘clean’ debt ceiling bill.

EPA regulations on the energy industry have been on the rise as Congress and the American people did not want Cap and Trade laws to increase energy costs and stagnate the economy in the name of air, water and soil that were that much more cleaner then present but with greater expense and without clear scientific benefit. (Gosh, cleaner must be better!?!!?? What are you an unscientific Republican? No, there is a cost benefit ratio, Progressive Luddite Fools!).

Now given the public exploration of the extent of executive power by the Obama administration, one congressman is warning that overreaching would be met with articles of impeachment. Mark Levin, radio talk show host and Constitutional scholar expressed his belief that Obama should be impeached if he were to do an end around on the debt ceiling.

For quite some time, Dr. J. has been worried that President Obama and his team have been floating trial balloons and pushing the envelope of executive power for a couple of reasons.

First, President Obama more than the jelly-spined Republicans our side are stuck voting for most of the time, likes getting his way more than he likes being liked by his opponents, and as a consequence he will use every legitimate means at his disposal to achieve his goals, even if they are deemed impolitic or poor form. He is on the record saying as much. Dr. J. wishes folks on his side of the aisle in aggregate had that tenacity.  Republicans were shamed into ‘sharing power’ in a 50/50 Senate when Vice President Cheney was President of the Senate. If Cheney were the Sith Lord he was purported to be, he would have told them to take a long walk off a short pier.

Second, there are things he has NO INTENTION of doing, but are bat-shit crazy over reaches. Every time such a trial balloon is floated, his lapdogs in the press float it, but do not comment on it for its bat-shit craziness. Rather they let it sit there until congressional Republicans start talking about the consequences of such an action (e.g. impeachment). It is at that point that Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals kicks in. President Obama uses that response to target the Republicans as ridicule them, calling them extremists for discussing impeachment over something he never intended to do. This type of thing, even if it is right, always backfires on them.

Given that he is acting emboldened, of late the Republicans have to be smart as they proceed. They need to grow a pair, but they also need to kiss the Blarney so that they can not only hold to their principles, but also explain why they’re right and reasonable and why the President is the obstreperous one. Dr. J. would also recommend that they leverage the tax hikes for all they are worth reminding folks of this point, they went along with a tax hike, in a spirit of bipartisanship only to have their handslapped on spending cuts which are what Americans want to occur. Republicans need to remind the voters that Obama, but not cutting spending and by implementing Obamacare is the one going against their wishes, and all of the peoples work is being killed in the Senate by Harry Reid.

About Dr. J.

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