Obama’s Paper Tiger Target

For those of you who read our site here, but do not follow us on Twitter, you might be wondering what our reactions to the ObamaScare report were.

“No, no, Jimmy!” Relax—it’s a Photoshop, Mr. President.

Briefly: a tremendous waste of precious government time and an awful lot of your money. Gone. Up in smoke.

The President addressed two groups of recommendations:

First, some proposals for legislation that include a refresh of the failed 1990s assault weapons ban, a cap (get it?) on magazine sizes, outlawing of certain calibers, and the usual liberal claptrap that would be more easily solved if we just outlawed liberal ignorance on firearms. The bottom line from Washington insiders is that Sen. Harry Reid will not even entertain further firearm legislation with so many Democrats also enjoying firearms (careful: many are rumored to also enjoy football) and with plenty of well-contested Senate seats up in 2014. It seems strange after the embarrassment of 2012, but the Senate could slip away from Sen. Reid in two years. He cannot risk this, especially when he himself is by all accounts a heck of a shot with a scattergun.

Second, there were 23 executive orders that the President could execute right away. These range from utterly embarrassing (“Get around to appointing that ATF director I meant to”) to the frivolous (“Start a federal gun safety awareness campaign, just like the NRA is doing at no cost to a single taxpayer already”) to the harmless (“Ask the CDC to compile statistics in a different way”).

In short, these were all things he could have been doing either way. And the ones that have people most upset—about weapons bans—have nearly zero chance of surviving without considerable moderation.

So in short, this whole thing is a charade to convince liberals that Obama is serious about gun control when in fact he cannot afford to risk any more capital on this issue. He has more serious fights coming up, such as cutting spending and immigration reform, that he may have already damaged with this Potemkin gun crusade. This is all window dressing.

Americans should ask for their money back. And then spend some of that on a nice 20-round detachable box magazine. A good one, like a MagPul.

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